The Top 9 Cat Rescues in Orlando! (2023)

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of domestic animals go to shelters yearly? A Florida shelter animal census report found that 357,418 domestic animals were admitted into local shelters in 2021, with 57%, or 205,072, being cats which is why we’ve got a list of the top cat rescues in Orlando for you.

Thankfully, 163,479 fewer animals faced euthanization in 2021 versus back in 2013. Hence, euthanization in animal shelters has decreased by 80%, which helps shelter animals find their forever homes and experience longer, more fulfilling lives. 

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Why Do Cats End Up in Shelters?


One of the main reasons cats go to shelters is because people within their current household may contract fur allergies.

Another explanation is that some cats are not litter box trained and relieve themselves in other areas that ruin furniture or other valuable belongings. 

You may also see cats in shelters because:

  • Owners cannot take them to a new home because cats may not be allowed. 
  • They are stray animals on the street turned in by good samaritans or shelter representatives so they can find their forever homes. 
  • They may not get along with other family members or other domestic animals in the household. 

The Top 9 Cat Rescues in Orlando 


If you are in the Orlando area looking for a cat, there are plenty of rescue cats throughout the area in need of forever homes.

You will have to undergo an adoption process, including filling out an application, providing your income, and stating your living situation so that the rescue center knows you have enough resources to provide for your new furry feline friend. 

If you are lucky, you may find people in your neighborhood giving away free cats from the litter their mother cat birthed to bless other families. Hence, you can adopt a cat by visiting a local shelter or connecting with a neighborhood member that has kittens. 

Here are the top 9 cat rescues in Orlando to get started. 

1. Candy’s Cats


Candy’s Cats enlists the help of volunteers to be feline sanitation engineers or adoption counselors to care for and get the felines adopted.

Fundraising specialists are responsible for finding new ways to help fund cat adoption efforts. Volunteers can also become foster parents until the cat is adopted into their forever home. 

The shelter hosts weekly adoption Saturday events at two locations which are Adoption Cottage in Apopka and the PetSmart in Winter Garden.

If you go to the website and use their Good Search link, you can donate a penny every time you do an online search, which can accumulate depending on how many online searches you do per day. 

Candy’s Cats Details:

2. The Kitty Beautiful 


The Kitty Beautiful is a cat cafe in downtown Orlando that has helped to get 374 cats adopted since November 1, 2019. You can enjoy your favorite coffee and treats while socializing with cats at one of these cage-free cat rescues in Orlando. 

Do you love cats so much that you want to party with them? Rent the cat cafe for two to three hours for a special event and hang with the cats while celebrating a birthday, graduation, or anything else!

The Kitty Beautiful Details:

3. Spay the Strays Cat Rescue


Spay the Strays Cat Rescue is about a half hour away from Orlando. While they do not have a spay and neuter clinic, they are not a shelter (they are a volunteer-based foster rescue).

Their name shows that they advocate owners doing this for local cats to control the population, so fewer cats face homelessness. 

As an Approved Rescue of 2022, Spay the Strays has partnered with the local PetSmart and Petco, located in Kissimmee, to assist with cat adoption.

Weekly adoptions take place on Saturday afternoons at these locations. Check their social media pages for other special fundraising or adoption events. 

Spay the Strays Details:

4. 7 WHSKRS Cat Rescue


7 WHSKRS Cat Rescue stands for 7 Women Helping Save Kitties Rescue Society. They are also on the website like Spay the Strays.

Located about 23 minutes from Orlando, the shelter is a nonprofit cat rescue that prides itself on not killing its felines to make space for new ones. 

Once you send in an adoption application, you can sign up for an account and log in under the “My Rescue” tab on the homepage.

After you have officially adopted one of the felines, representatives encourage updates off and on so the community can see how your rescue is doing. 

7 WHSKRS Cat Rescue Details:

5. Happy Trails Animal Rescue


Happy Trails Animal Rescue helps dogs and cats without a home to find their forever family. They serve cat rescues, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, farm animals, and other pets that need shelter. No pets are turned away from Happy Trails. 

They ask for an adoption deposit only after you have seen the animal and completed an application. If you see Facebook posts soliciting adoption deposits before being allowed to see a cat, dog, or another animal, the rescue reported that this is a scam.  

Happy Trails Animal Rescue Details:

6. Adorable Stars Kittens Cattery


Adorable Stars Kittens Cattery, LLC differs from sheltering rescue cats. They offer exclusively British Fold and Scottish Fold kittens for adoption. Whether born into a cattery or being rescue cats, these little ones need homes, too!

You can watch the cattery kittens live on Twitch streams to get to know them better before petitioning for adoption.

All kittens come with Florida State Certified Health Certificate with Leukemia testing, so you know they are in perfect health before adopting them.

However, keep in mind that when adopting a kitten, they will be too young to be neutered, and you would have to do that separately as they get older. 

Adorable Stars Kittens Cattery Details:

7. Second Chance Animal Rescue and Sanctuary


Cats and dogs are available for fostering and adoption at Second Chance Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, like at Happy Trails Animal Rescue. They are an Approved Rescue as of 2021 and a proud supporter of PetFinder. 

Their philosophy is to give animals in need a second chance hence their name.

The acronym for their full shelter name SCARS, shows that no matter where these animals came from and if they were hurt before that, now they can find peace and solace at this shelter before finding them forever home. 

Second Chance Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Details:

8. Kindness for Cats


Kindness for Cats partners with the Ocean County Animal Shelter to help control the cat population while showing current and potential owners how to properly care for their felines.

They encourage spaying and neutering to keep the cat population even so fewer euthanizations occur at the local shelter every year. 

The Wait ‘Til 8 Program that Kindness For Cats facilitates informs cat owners or people who found a stray cat to wait until they are at least eight weeks and weigh at least two pounds to take them to get neutered or spayed. 

Please note that if you are turning in a cat, they can only accept those from the Orange County area. Check their website for upcoming cat adoption events at local pet and pet supply stores. 

Kindness For Cats Details:

9. Orlando County Animal Services


Orlando County Animal Services is the largest entity in the Orlando area that does cat rescues and dog rescues and puts them up for adoption for local pet owners to add a new furry friend to their family. Before adopting a pet, you can do a pet sleepover. 

The person must apply and receive approval to adopt a pet. Then, they can select an animal they are interested in taking home for up to two weeks to see if they are a match with the family or not.

This program helps solidify a better placement, so less rehoming is involved. 

Orlando County Animal Services Details:

Conclusion For “Top Cat Rescues in Orlando”


Whether it’s an animal shelter, cat rescue, or cattery, there are many ways to undergo cat adoption in Orlando. Consider one of the cat rescues in Orlando to get started on finding a new furry feline friend for you and your family. 

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