7 Best Moving, Wiggling, Rolling Dog Toys – 100% Entertainment! (2024)

A little brown and white dog running across a lawn toward the camera.

Moving dog toys can be a great way to entertain your dog without you having to do very much at all.

However, they can be ineffective or even unsafe if not chosen and used properly.

What are the best moving dog toys? The best moving toys for dogs are those that capture and hold your dog’s attention while encouraging active play and exercise. Motion toys should be solidly constructed, be capable of holding up during rough play and chewing, and contain no small parts. 

No one likes to waste money on dog toys that just don’t engage pets or are easily destroyed.

The following moving toys will keep your dog entertained for long stretches and should hold up well with normal play.

Want a sneak peak of our top picks? Check these out!

Why Choose a Moving Dog Toy?

Dogs have been happy with good old tennis balls for years, so why should you be looking into moving dog toys?

Moving dog toys can offer you a couple of advantages over other sorts of toys:

  •  Mental stimulation and a new experience.
  •  Entertainment without you having to be involved.
  •  Opportunity to act out instincts, like prey drive.

What to Look For

The right moving dog toy can entertain your dog for hours as well as stimulating his mind in new and different ways. Here are some things to consider to choose the best one for your dog:

  • How destructive is your dog? Most of these toys contain batteries, so if your dog is the type to rip into the guts of any toy you give him, you may want to choose a battery-free option.
  • How does your dog like to play? Dogs who enjoy playing with other dogs or fetching will be stimulated by different toys than dogs who are highly stimulated by prey. Think about what your dog likes to do to choose the best toys.
  • Price and make. Do you want to pay for a quality toy that offers your dog a lot of engagement to last through the years, or do you want affordable toys that can be destroyed and replaced? 

Best Moving Dog Toys

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toys...

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If you want a movable toy that can take some abuse from your dog, this may be a good option.

The sturdy ball encompassing the battery compartment can handle being chomped a bit and thrown without opening by itself or damaging the battery. 

This toy is completely covered in fabric, so it is quieter than some of the alternatives, especially on hard floors.

It wiggles, vibrates, and makes a barking noise to engage your dog and encourage active play.


  • Quiet compared to many other moving toys, even when on hardwood or tile floor.
  • Improved safety strap and Velcro to keep dogs from getting to the battery.
  • Also available in a monster and unicorn design.
  • Movement is stimulated by action, so dogs can get the toy going by themselves.


  • Toy may twist open too easily – not ideal for destructive dogs.
  • Button must be used to turn on and off.

D.Y. TOY Weazel Ball

D.Y. TOY Weazel Ball - The Weasel Rolls with Ball

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If you are looking for a very affordable motion toy for your dog, this one is a classic. It has good motion and actually moves around instead of just twitching or vibrating.

As the ball moves, the weasel toy flips around, making it very attractive to most dogs. 

This product isn’t solidly enough constructed for some large dogs to play with safely, especially if they like to crunch on the ball, but for small and medium sized dogs, this toy is a winner. 


  • Vigorous motion that stimulates dogs to chase.
  • Very affordable.
  • Furry weasel flips and moves around, encouraging vigorous playtime. 


  • Turns on and off by twisting – battery will run down if you don’t turn it off promptly.
  • Ball is fairly tough but can be destroyed, risking battery exposure.
  • The on/off control can be irritating to operate.

Wickedbone Smart Bone

Wickedbone Smart Bone, Automatic & Interactive Toy...

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If money isn’t much of a consideration, the Wickedbone is one of the best automated toys you can buy for your dog.

It has a wide variety of different behaviors that respond to what your dog is doing. For instance, if your dog ignores the toy, it will tease until the dog responds again.

You can leave it to respond intelligently to your dog or you can control it using your smart device. This is a truly amazing device that you have to see in action to believe. 


  • Advanced toy offers a lot more than the average motorized toy. 
  • Responds appropriately to your dog’s interaction to encourage continued play.
  • 12 different systems that respond differently to types of touch, like avoidance, chasing, etc.
  • Control the bone remotely using your Apple or Android device.
  • FDA food-grade polycarbonate and strong bone construction.


  • More expensive than most automated toys.
  • Without any fluff or animal appearance, it isn’t attractive to all dogs.
  • Some behaviors, such as following after your dog, may be frightening to some dogs.

ZEUS The Bulldog

ZEUS The Bulldog – Durable Interactive Dog Toy...

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This is a funny little toy that many dogs really seem to enjoy. It is soft and ball-shaped, making it perfect for dogs to pick up and throw around.

The Bulldog has a number of behaviors that stimulate dogs to interact with it, and most dogs love the way it rolls and wiggles around unpredictably.

Turning it on and off can be a bit frustrating and your dog may even do it accidentally, but it does a pretty good job of keeping the battery away from your dog. 


  • Machine washable cover makes it easy to clean. 
  • Doesn’t make much noise on hard surfaces.
  • Works on all surfaces – even outdoors.


  • Does not actively move away from your dog, so it may not stimulate a chase response.
  • Dogs may turn it on or off by accident.
  • It can be frustrating for owners to operate.

NEILDEN Squeaky Dog Toy

NEILDEN Upgrade Interactive Squeaky Dog Toys Plush...

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If you’re sick of dealing with changing out the batteries on your automated dog toy, you’ll appreciate this toy that allows you to charge it directly.

The sturdy construction does a good job of keeping the battery away from most dogs. 

This toy shakes and bounces to instigate play, and it includes two cute, plush covers so that you can swap one for the other for washing or to stimulate renewed interest.


  • Sturdy ball compartment tucks into Velcro cover. 
  • Charge with USB cable – no batteries to replace! 
  • Comes with two plush, colorful outer covers.


  • Toy shakes and bounces, but it doesn’t move across the floor to stimulate dogs to chase.
  • Makes noises that are frightening to some dogs.

PetDroid Interactive Ball

PetDroid Interactive Dog Toys Dog Ball,[Newly...

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Some dogs just want a ball that moves on its own without all of the bells and whistles and fluffy coverings.

If your dog just wants a really cool ball, this might be the one for you. It moves around automatically in one of two modes, giving your dog a fun chase as he pursues it. 

The rechargeable battery should last the entire day, so your dog will have plenty of time to play before you need to recharge it. 


  • Rechargeable battery supports a full day of play.
  • Actively bounces or rolls, depending on which mode you choose.
  • Accessories available to make the toy more appealing if the ball isn’t enough.


  • Will not work on carpet.
  • Any big dogs that decide to crunch down on this toy will destroy it without too much trouble.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy, Fun...

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The best thing about this wobbly ball is that it requires no batteries.

It makes a unique giggling noise and rolls around unpredictably when dogs nudge it, which will stimulate them to keep playing and enjoy some exercise. 

The ball has six recessed pockets to allow dogs to get a good grasp when picking it up or launching it through the air.

For dogs that find it engaging, it can be a source of entertainment without needing batteries for many hours. 


  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Does not require batteries.
  • Made of an easy-grip material and contains grip points for grasping.
  • Glow-in-the-dark option so you won’t have to worry about losing the toy.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play.


  • Does not actually move on its own.
  • Aggressive chewers can destroy it relatively easily.

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