Is Tapioca Safe for Dogs? Benefits and How Much To Feed! (2024)

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If you check the ingredients in your dog food, you may notice that tapioca is one of them.

Tapioca is a starch, and it is safe for most dogs. It adds texture and flavor to dog food and acts as a filler. You can also feed plain, cooked tapioca to your dog in small amounts.

Can dogs eat tapioca? Tapioca is safe for dogs to eat. It is made from the roots of cassava and is a common ingredient in many dog foods. Tapioca is a starch and should only be offered in moderation to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. Some dogs may be allergic to tapioca.

If you are thinking about feeding your dog tapioca and want to know if it’s safe to feed your dog, be sure to read on to learn more. 

Feeding Dogs Tapioca – What To Know

Tapioca is a starch that is safe for dogs to eat. It is often used as fillers in many types of dog foods.

While tapioca is not toxic for most dogs, some dogs may be allergic to it, so make sure your dog can tolerate it before you offer tapioca.

Is Tapioca Toxic to Dogs?

Tapioca is not toxic to dogs. It is a cassava-based starch, and dogs can consume it as long as they do not appear to be allergic to it or have an intolerance for it.

Dogs should only be given tapioca in moderation, and it should not be a main source of nutrition.

Benefits of Tapioca for Dogs

Tapioca is very filling, and it acts similar to fiber. It can help dogs become more regular.

It can help satisfy dogs that overeat and dogs with digestive issues, such as slow digestion or constipation.

Potential Problems With Tapioca for Dogs

White tapioca is considered safe for dogs, there are some potential problems that can arise if your dog has an allergy or intolerance or if he eats too much.

Here are some risks to consider. 


Tapioca is mostly starch, and if your dog is allowed to eat too much of it, it could lead to obesity and other weight-related issues. 


Since tapioca is mostly starch, it can cause blood sugar problems and even lead to diabetes.

Cyanide Poisoning

Tapioca is made of cassava, and the roots of the plant are high in levels of cyanogenic glycosides, which are cyanide.

Dogs that eat too much tapioca that was not prepared correctly could suffer from cyanide poisoning.

Allergic Reaction

Some dogs may be allergic to tapioca and could suffer an allergic reaction if they eat it. They may experience gastrointestinal issues or even skin rashes and irritation. 

How Much Tapioca Is Safe for Dogs To Eat?

Dogs should only eat a small amount of tapioca. If it is part of their dog food, a normal dog food serving is safe.

If you are going to feed your dog plain tapioca, allow dogs under 30 pounds to have 1 teaspoon and dogs over 30 pounds to have 2 teaspoons but no more. 

Can Dogs Eat Tapioca Pudding?

Dogs can eat tapioca pudding as long as they only eat a small amount and the pudding does not contain any ingredients that may be toxic or harmful to dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Tapioca Flour?

Dogs can eat tapioca flour and many foods that are made from it.

When Should You Not Feed Your Dog Tapioca?

Most dogs can tolerate and even benefit from small amounts of tapioca.

Not all dogs can tolerate it, so if your dog has an allergy or has eaten tapioca in the past and suffered from stomach or digestive problems, you should avoid offering it again.

How To Prepare Tapioca for Dogs

Two white bowls containing large and small tapioca pearls.

If you are going to feed your dog tapioca, it’s best to just serve it plain or mix it with dog food.

You can prepare it by boiling one cup of water on the stove and then adding one cup of tapioca pearls.

Once the pearls are enlarged, soft, and somewhat translucent, you can remove the pan from the stove. Allow it to cool completely before you serve it to your dog.

Tapioca in Dog Food

Tapioca is often used as a filler in many types of dog food. You can check the ingredients list on your dog food to see if tapioca is an ingredient. 

Why Tapioca Is Often a Dog Food Ingredient

Tapioca is often added to dog food to help improve the texture and bulk. It makes hard food easier to chew and denser, and it helps hold soft foods together.

It also acts like fiber and helps make the dog food easier to digest.

When To Feed Your Dog Kibble Containing Tapioca

While tapioca is good for dogs, if your dog’s food doesn’t contain tapioca, there is no need to switch it for a brand that does.

You can always offer plain tapioca to your dog if you choose.

If your dog doesn’t seem to get full when he eats his food, doesn’t enjoy the texture, or seems to be having digestive issues, you may want to consider feeding a kibble that contains tapioca. 

Tapioca Flour Dog Treats

If you are planning to make your dog’s treats, you will need to find a flour option that is safe for them.

Not only is tapioca flour safe for dogs, but it can also help bind other ingredients in the treats together and can soothe your dog’s intestinal tract.

You can find a recipe for homemade tapioca flour dog treats here.

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Are Boba Pearls Okay for Dogs?

If the boba pearls are made of tapioca, it is okay for dogs to have a couple. Tapioca is not toxic to dogs, but some dogs can not tolerate them or may even be allergic to them. 

Can Dogs Eat Sorghum Flour?

Sorghum flour is not harmful to dogs, but it has no nutritional value. While it is okay to feed your dog a small amount of sorghum flour, you should not do so often. 


Tapioca is not toxic to dogs and is often found in kibbles and soft dog foods. It has many of the same benefits as fiber and can help dogs with digestive problems.

You can also make your own homemade dog foods and treats with tapioca flour. While tapioca is safe for most dogs, some dogs can be allergic to it.

Always offer it in very small amounts, and monitor your dog to ensure he can tolerate it.