13 Best Reptile Rescues in Texas! (2024)

There are many reasons to visit reptile rescues in Texas. Pet owners who need to surrender their pet can take it to a rescue to ensure quality care. These businesses are best for adopting a reptile because you support a nonprofit which is why we have a list of the best reptile rescues in Texas for you.

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Why Do Reptiles End Up in Shelters?


There are many reasons why reptiles end up in shelters. Some landlords don’t allow pets, so people need to surrender their pets when they move. Many people don’t realize how much work it is to own a reptile, so they give up the pet when it grows.

The most popular reptiles often end up in shelters because they’re adopted before owners understand what the animals need in terms of care. They want to follow a trend or breed reptiles for income and give up when it doesn’t pan out as expected.

Surrendering a pet reptile to a rescue ensures it gets the treatment needed. People running reptile rescues keep the animals safe until someone is ready to adopt them.

Whenever possible, adopt from a reptile rescue so you can support their mission and take in a friend who needs help.

The Top 13 Reptile Rescues in Texas


Texas has many reptile rescues for people who need to surrender a reptile or want to adopt a new pet. Learn about the reptile rescues in Texas and support their missions.

1. Texas Reptile and Small Animal Rescue


The Texas Reptile and Small Animal Rescue, a female-owned rescue, is just 40 miles north of Houston. Director Nikki Pesek has over 20 years of experience with reptiles, parrots, and exotic animals. 

The organization is a nonprofit, so you can adopt from there or donate funds to make a huge difference. If you need to surrender a reptile, you can do so anonymously.

For people surrendering animals because they don’t know how to care for them, Pesek offers education to help make people ideal reptile owners.

Texas Reptile and Small Animal Rescue Details:

2. Nature’s Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue


Owners Mario and Brandi Nickerson have studied and supported reptiles and wildlife their entire lives. They started this nonprofit to support reptiles, squirrels, deer, and birds. They take in surrendered animals and facilitate reptile adoption.

Nature’s Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue prioritize wildlife education so others know how to treat animals and reptiles. Even if you’re not adopting a reptile from this nonprofit, you can support them with fundraisers and by donating supplies.

Nature’s Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue Details:

3. Alamo City Reptile Rescue


Alamo City Reptile Rescue takes in non-venomous reptiles when pet owners need to surrender them.

The nonprofit houses the animals until someone is ready to adopt a reptile. The owners check the reptiles for eating problems or diseases to fully rehab them before adoption.

Though Alamo City Reptile Rescue is near San Antonio, they’re willing to help people in nearby cities. If you’re too far out of their range, they’ll recommend a closer organization. They also help you find the right placement if their enclosures are full.

Alamo City Reptile Rescue Details:

4. White Knight Fish Amphibian Reptile Rescue


White Knight Fish Amphibian Reptile Rescue houses animals temporarily while searching for the right owners. They accept surrendered pets and also rescue animals living in harsh Texas conditions.

The rescue goes beyond housing animals until they’re adopted. They also provide vet care for any animals they take in, ensuring the family who adopts them gets a healthy pet.

If you’re having trouble with your pet or want to learn more before adopting, they can educate you.

White Knight Fish Amphibian Reptile Rescue Details:

5. Reptile Rescue & Relocation


This organization commits to rescuing reptiles anywhere in Texas. They identify all animals they accept to prevent improper care or killing of the reptiles. The rescue works to preserve reptile populations across Texas.

When you adopt a reptile or donate funds to Reptile Rescue & Relocation, you’re helping Texas wildlife survive. They also remove snakes from residential properties and safely transport them to their ideal natural habitat.

Reptile Rescue & Relocation Details:

6. Kritter Haven Exotic Rescue


If you’re looking for reptile adoption near the Gulf of Mexico, Kritter Haven Exotic Rescue has you covered.

This nonprofit is 55 miles south of Houston and provides temporary homes for lizards, turtles, snakes, and small animals. The owner treats ill reptiles to ensure they’re healthy before a new family adopts them.

Kritter Haven Exotic Rescue Details:

7. Helios’s Halfway House for Reptiles


Named after the owner’s first pet snake, Helios, this rescue is always available to take reptiles that need surrendering.

Instead of releasing them into the wild, contact Helios’s Halfway House for Reptiles. The owner will take in reptiles from eastern Texas and the area surrounding Shreveport, Louisiana.

Helios’s Halfway House for Reptiles Details:

8. San Antonio Snake Removal


San Antonio Snake Removal isn’t an exterminator company—they’re committed to rescuing reptiles. They come to your house and safely remove the snakes and lizards before rehoming them in a natural area. 

The organization also takes in pet reptiles. If you can’t care for your snake or lizard, you can contact San Antonio Snake Removal to care for the animal before it’s adopted.

San Antonio Snake Removal Details:

9. Dallas Lizard Shelter and Adoption


The Dallas Lizard Shelter and Adoption is a home-based rescue that will rescue reptiles and home them until they’re adopted.

It’s a no-kill organization, so any animal that doesn’t get adopted after a year becomes the owner’s pet, which shows their commitment to the animals.

Dallas Lizard Shelter and Adoption Details:

10. Houston Underground Animals


Houston Underground Animals is an independently-funded rescue that keeps adoptable reptiles healthy until they find a new home. The organization is active on Instagram and Facebook, keeping people up to date about what animals are ready for adoption.

Houston Underground Animals Details:

11. The Dragon Lady


The Dragon Lady breeds and rescues bearded dragons. She also will rescue a reptile as long as you can also surrender its enclosure.

She needs to keep her animals separate for health reasons, so she doesn’t pay for rescues or habitats. She’ll care for the bearded dragons to ensure they become adoptable reptiles for the right owners.

The Dragon Lady Details:

12. Ray’s Reptile Rescue


Ray’s Reptile Rescue is the best place to go if you’re in or near Abilene, Texas. The rescue helps educate people about native reptiles in the area. It’s also a great rescue for adopting reptiles.

When you’re ready to adopt, check out Ray’s Reptile Rescue on Facebook. They regularly upload pictures of available reptiles. You’ll also get a profile of each animal to understand how they act, what they eat, and how you can care for them.

Ray’s Reptile Rescue Details:

13. Midgard Animal Rescue & Sanctuary


One of the best places to adopt a reptile in the San Antonio area is the Midgard Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. They accept birds and exotic animals, keeping them safe and healthy until someone is ready to adopt them.

It’s a nonprofit organization that depends on volunteers and donations to keep running, so your support makes a huge difference.

Midgard Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Details:

Conclusion For “Best Reptile Rescues in Texas”


Whether you’re looking to adopt a reptile or surrender your pet, these 13 reptile rescues in Texas can provide what you need. The nonprofits focus on the reptiles’ well-being above everything else.

You’ll know your surrendered reptile will have a good home. If you’re adopting a pet, you can learn how to care for them from the organization. Support these rescues if you can.

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