Is HomeGoods Dog Friendly to All Dogs? Here’s What To Know! (2024)

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Many people like to take their pets with them wherever they go. If you are planning to shop at HomeGoods, you may be hoping your dog can go with you.

Luckily, most HomeGoods stores do allow pets. Each store has its own policy, but you can always call to check on it before you load up your pet for a fun day of shopping.

Is HomeGoods dog friendly? HomeGoods is known for being a dog-friendly store. The company does not have an official pet policy, and each store has its own rules and restrictions about pets. It’s best to call the individual store to learn about their specific pet policy before you visit.

If you are planning a shopping trip to HomeGoods and want to take your dog with you, it’s a good idea to know the HomeGoods’ dog policy. Read on to learn more about it.  

HomeGoods Pet Policy

HomeGoods doesn’t list its specific pet policy on its website, and each individual store may have its own restrictions and rules regarding pets.

If you are planning to shop at HomeGoods, it’s best to call the store ahead of time to see if they allow dogs and have any restrictions. 

Unofficial Dog Policy

While there is no official dog policy, most HomeGoods stores do allow dogs. The unofficial policy for these stores requires pets to be on a leash and well behaved at all times.

Owners are also required to clean up after their pets. Be sure to bring along some dog waste bags (these come with a discreet carry case), just in case!

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Does HomeGoods’ Dog Policy Only Apply to Service Dogs?

While service dogs are allowed in all HomeGoods stores, the dog policy does not only apply to service dogs. Some HomeGoods stores allow pets as well.

Does HomeGoods’ Dog Friendliness Vary From Store to Store?

Yes. While most HomeGoods stores are pet friendly, the pet policy can vary by store.

Some stores may only allow service dogs, some may have restrictions on certain dog breeds, and others may allow all pets. 

It’s Best To Call To Be Sure

Because the pet policy can vary by store, it’s always best to call a HomeGoods store before you visit to find out information about their pet policy.

A little Papillon-type dog sitting in the front of a shopping cart inside a pet seat.

When You May Be Asked To Leave

If your dog is not on a leash, acts up, acts aggressive toward other shoppers or animals, or is destructive, you may be asked to leave.

HomeGoods expects pets and owners to be on their best behavior while inside the store.

Guidelines for Shopping HomeGoods With Your Dog

If you plan to take your dog shopping at HomeGoods, be sure to keep these guidelines in mind. 

  • Call ahead to be sure the store you are planning to shop allows pets and has no restrictions.
  • Ensure your dog is on a leash at all times. 
  • Clean up after your dog if he makes a mess or has an accident.
  • Do not let your dog destroy or get near merchandise in the store. 
  • Ensure your dog doesn’t growl or act aggressively toward other shoppers or pets. 
  • Encourage your dog to use the bathroom before you enter the store so he will not have an accident.

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If you like to take your dog everywhere you go, you may want to take him shopping as well. There are many stores that are dog friendly, including HomeGoods.

If you are planning to take your dog to a HomeGoods store, you should be familiar with the pet policy and ensure your pet is well behaved at all times.

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