Are Dogs Allowed in Scheels? Here Are the Guidelines! (2024)

A little Papillon-type dog sitting in the front of a shopping cart inside a pet seat.

If you’re thinking of bringing your dog for your next shopping trip at Scheels, you might be wondering if your furry friend will be allowed inside.

Heaven forbid he won’t be allowed to enter the store, leaving you with a choice to leave him in the car or just go home altogether. 

Are dogs allowed in Scheels? Scheels does allow dogs inside as long as they are on a leash and behave well when visiting. Unlike other stores that only allow service dogs to enter their stores, Scheels welcomes both service animals and pet dogs, no questions asked, though owners are responsible for cleaning up any messes.

Like any other shopping center, Scheels stores have store policies when it comes to shopping with dogs. Check out the store’s guidelines before visiting with your dog.

Is Scheels Dog Friendly?

If you don’t want to keep your dog from missing out on all the fun or at least some strolling while you go shopping, consider bringing your dog with you.

There are plenty of dog-friendly stores and outlets, and thankfully, Scheels is on the list. 

Official Dog Policy at Scheels

Unfortunately, no official dog policy is found on Scheels’ website, although its social media pages claim Scheels is a pet-friendly sporting store chain.

Plenty of photos of dogs roaming inside Scheels stores are also available online. Scheels’ Facebook pages also advertise its entire dog supply aisle where dogs can shop.

Additionally, they encourage owners to share photos of their pups taken while visiting Scheels to get featured on the store’s “Dogs of the Month.”  

Are All Scheels Stores Dog Friendly?

If you love to go shopping with your dog, all Scheels locations are dog friendly for all well behaved and leashed pups.

In fact, if you do bring your dog to Scheels, make sure to stop by their customer service and ask for a Scheels’ bandana.

Your Responsibilities When Shopping With a Dog at Scheels

You can bring your pooch for a leisurely stroll while shopping at Scheels. All they ask is that you keep your dog under control, in good behavior, and on a leash. 

But while dogs are welcome inside, you are responsible for any messes or for cleaning up after any accidents. 

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Are Dogs Allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

Bass Pro Shops have an official pet policy that allows all dogs, no matter the size, inside their stores as long as they are well behaved and kept on a leash.

Just be sure that your dog has relieved himself before taking him shopping with you.

Are Dogs Allowed in Cabela’s?

Dogs are generally allowed entry at most of Cabela’s retail stores. However, specific stores may have a “no pet” policy except for service dogs due to state law.

It’s best to call the store ahead before making a trip with your pooch. 


If you’re visiting Scheels soon, it’s a pet-friendly chain, so don’t hesitate to bring your dog with you. They are welcome to roam inside Scheels stores, on a leash of course!