Are Dogs Allowed in Downtown Disney? Read This Before You Go! (2024)

A small brown-and-white dog waiting by the front door with a leather leash in his mouth.

We all love our dogs, and most often, we consider them as part, if not the most important part, of the family. But what if you’re going to Downtown Disney or Disney Springs?

Are dogs allowed in Downtown Disney? Trained service dogs are welcome at Downtown Disney, but pet dogs and other animals are not allowed for health and safety reasons. However, Disney does have several dog-friendly hotels, and it even provides pet day care services for pets travelling with you.

Not sure if your dog is welcome? Here’s everything you need to know when thinking of bringing your dog to the Downtown Disney District. 

Is Downtown Disney Dog Friendly?

Downtown Disney is not the most dog-friendly place you can go. In fact, Disneyland Resort rules are pretty strict regarding pets like dogs.

Official Disney Dog Policy

The official Disneyland Resort dog policy states that only service animals are allowed into the Downtown Disney District.

Other pets, dogs, or other animals, are prohibited, although you can transport them through Downtown Disney to the Disneyland Resort Kennel Club for boarding.

Reasons for the Dog Policy

While some parts of the resort and hotels are pet friendly, most public places don’t allow dogs for the safety of your dog and the enjoyment of everyone visiting the area.

Some people could be allergic or afraid of them, interfering with people’s enjoyment. 

Exception to the Rule

The only exception to Disney’s dog policy are trained service animals. Their dog policy on their website explicitly defines what a service animal is. 

Only dogs trained to work, assist, and perform tasks for an individual with a disability are considered service animals. 

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed in Downtown Disney?

Disney follows the ADA guidelines regarding service animals, and animals whose sole purpose is to provide emotional support or comfort don’t qualify as service animals as per the ADA.

This means emotional support animals or companion animals are not allowed in Downtown Disney. 

Where Dogs Are Allowed on Disney Property

Four of Disney’s resorts – Port Orleans Riverside, Yacht Club, Art of Animation, and Ft. Wilderness – currently allow dogs, but that doesn’t mean they have carte blanche of the property. 

There are designated pet-friendly floors, outdoor walking paths, and green spaces. However, dogs can’t go to pool areas, restaurants, and recreational places. 

Related Questions:

Are Dogs Allowed on Disney Boardwalk?

At this time, unless your dog is a service dog, no dogs are allowed at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. 

Is There a Dog Day at Disney?

Disney had its first-ever Disney Side Dog’s Day in 2014, where 101 dogs dressed as Disney characters.

Disney also celebrates International Dog Day with special activities to acknowledge man’s best friend and to encourage adoption.


If your dog is a trained service animal, they are welcome with you at Downtown Disney. Otherwise, you might be better off checking out other Disney pet-friendly locations.