Goldendoodle Puppies – Top 6 Breeders in the USA! (2024)


The Goldendoodle, a hybrid breed resulting from mixing a Poodle with a Golden Retriever, is a designer dog that has recently gained immense popularity. So if you’re looking for happy and healthy Goldendoodle puppies in the US, this article is just for you!

Loving, bright, low-shedding, and generally healthy, Goldendoodles have inherited most of the best qualities of their parent breeds. This breed is ideal for first-time dog parents and people with allergies.

Goldendoodles come in various sizes, from small to large, depending on the type of Poodle the Golden Retriever is crossed with.

Initially produced as a bigger alternative to the popular designer breeds the Cockapoo and the Labradoodle, the Goldendoodle has become an exceptional family dog.

Sadly, the popularity of the Goldendoodle has resulted in puppy mills and backyard breeders producing and selling unhealthy and unethically-bred puppies.

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1. Coastland Goldendoodles


Coastland Goldendoodles breed top-quality Goldendoodles in Ventura, a beachside town between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in southern California.

It is a small but experienced breeder of English Cream Goldendoodles, also called Teddy Bear Goldendoodles, produced from imported English Retriever bloodlines.

Coastland Goldendoodles strive to provide the highest-quality Goldendoodles in California. All its parent dogs come from pedigreed lines and are robustly health-tested through OFA and screened for genetic diseases via Paw Print Genetics.

The breeder also ensures that the parent dogs have loving temperaments and sociable personalities so that their puppies inherit the best traits. All the puppies are born and raised inside the breeder’s home among family and friends or are kept in equally competent guardian homes.

Socialization and training begin when the puppies are born; they are introduced to common household sounds and textures and interact with children and other pets so they can easily adapt to their forever homes.

The breeder provides lifelong support and guidance to all its customers. All Coastal Goldendoodle puppies come with the following:

  • two-year health guarantee that covers genetic illnesses
  • health records and registration certificates
  • strict spay/neuter contract
  • age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming, regular health checks by a licensed veterinarian
  • microchip
  • a leash, collar, chew toy, brush, dog food, and plush toy with their mother’s or littermate’s scent
  • sample of NuVet supplements

Coastland Goldendoodles Details:

2. Knudawn Southern Goldendoodles


Our next recommended source of Goldendoodle puppies for sale in the US is Knudawn Southern Goldendoodles.

Their website states that their entire breeding program is based on “integrity, trust, and knowledge.” This breeder takes pride in its superior-quality health-tested parents, registered litters, competitive two-year health guarantee, and lifetime customer support.

All puppies at Knudawn Southern Goldendoodles are well-socialized and well-tempered.

They grow among children of all ages and are free to run around the several acres of open land. The puppies are raised and trained by certified trainers.

In addition, the breeder is also a groomer with more than 20 years of professional experience.

They began their breeding program by providing standard Poodles for ten years, after which they became dedicated full-time Goldendoodle breeders.

Knudawn Southern Goldendoodles also work with service and therapy agencies to produce calm, well-behaved, and family-oriented Goldendoodles that can be trained to work as service dogs, emotional support dogs, and therapy dogs.

Knudawn Southern Goldendoodles is a Preferred Continental Kennel Club Breeder.

All the parent dogs and litters are CKC-registered and genetically tested using OFA, Penn Hip, Embark, Optigen, and VetGen.

Moreover, the breeder serves all areas of the United States and can transport your puppy to you at your request.

Knudawn Southern Goldendoodles Details:

3. D’ Shalom Goldendoodles


Established in 2010, D’ Shalom Goldendoodles provides some of Florida’s best-quality Goldendoodles and customer service.

They have adorable male and female F1, F1b, F1bb Standard, Mini, and Toy Goldendoodle puppies.

D’ Shalom Goldendoodles receive all age-appropriate vaccinations and are dewormed.

They are also routinely vet-checked and have a health certificate guaranteeing good physical and psychological health.

In addition, the breeder offers a one-year health guarantee for all puppies that covers genetic defects.

Socialization and training begin from a very early age.

The puppies are regularly exposed to common household stimuli and interact with children, adults, and other animals.

The breeder’s entire family participates in feeding, grooming, and playing with the tiny Groodles.

They are very intelligent, compassionate, non-shedding, and easy to train, making them ideal companions as well as service dogs. For an additional fee, the breeder will also deliver your puppy to your location.

D’ Shalom Goldendoodles Details:

4. Colorado Golden Doodlebugs


Next on our list of Goldendoodle puppies in the US is Colorado Golden Doodlebugs, an AKC-registered breeder raising show-quality English Goldendoodles and English Golden Retrievers since 2000.​

Colorado Golden Doodlebugs provides beautiful, healthy, well-mannered puppies trained to become loyal family companions, service dogs, and therapy dogs.

All applicable breed-specific health screening has been conducted on the breeder’s sires and dams.

Moreover, they are OFA certified for elbows, hips, patella, and heart and also undergo genetic testing to ensure a happy and healthy litter.

All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and declawed. They are trained using Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) techniques to improve their socialization and desensitization.

The puppies also receive early crate training and are also trained to sleep through the night.

When you adopt your puppy, you will receive its complete medical/registration records, a bag with starter puppy food, toys, and a small blanket that smells like the puppy’s mother or littermates.

In addition, Colorado Golden Doodlebugs offers a two-year health guarantee that covers genetic disorders, along with a month of free pet insurance (not applicable for NY residents).

Colorado Golden Doodlebugs Details:

5. Goldendoodle Acres


Goldendoodle Acres features an exceptional breeding team dedicated to raising premier-quality Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.

They provide standard Goldendoodles, medium Goldendoodles, petite Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, and Micro Mini Goldendoodles.

The puppies are also available in various coat colors, including cream, apricot, red, chocolate, and black.

Goldendoodle Acres is based on 3.5 acres and also has a pond.

The puppies are whelped and raised within the breeder’s home, exposed to various smells, sounds, and sights.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) starts during infancy. Moreover, the pups are taken for four car rides before they are ten days old to avoid motion sickness as adults.

Litter box potty training starts when the puppies are three to five weeks old; at three and a half weeks, the puppies are introduced to solid food, and at five weeks, the puppies are transferred to a puppy nursery.

The latter is heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer.

At six weeks, the puppies are taken outside twice daily for group outings, interactions with other dogs, and outdoor activities such as jumping, running, etc.

All the puppies come with a two-year health guarantee that covers genetic illnesses and diseases such as Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Patella dysplasia, CERF (eyes), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), and Neonatal Encephalopathy.

Goldendoodle Acres Details:

6. Winding Creek Ranch


And last but not least, Winding Creek Ranch is on our list of Goldendoodle puppies in the US.

This breeder’s goal is to provide loving and well-adjusted lifelong companions.

Highly experienced in dog breeding, Winding Creek Ranch is a Blue Ribbon member of GANA (Goldendoodle Association), which guarantees that it genetically tests its parent dogs before selecting them for breeding.

Winding Creek Ranch has 15 years of breeding experience, ten devoted to Doodles.

The breeder prioritizes the health and well-being of its Goldendoodles above everything else.

This breeder stands out because of their superior-quality dogs and smooth adoption process; all applications are thoroughly scanned, ensuring the perfect puppy-owner match.

All puppies at Winding Creek Ranch are born and raised in clean, loving guardian homes that receive lots of love and individual attention.

They receive age-appropriate vaccinations and are dewormed and microchipped.

The puppies are also given their first heartworm prevention pill.

The breeder ensures safe and gradual socialization, and a desensitization CD is played many times a day to familiarize the pups with common environmental stimuli.

Once adopted, the puppies go home with their medical/registration certificates, a two-year health guarantee, a designer collar and training leash, and a snuggle puppy with their mom’s or littermate’s scent.

And that’s not all – the breeder owns and operates a successful grooming shop, so your puppy will surely go home looking amazing!

Winding Creek Ranch Details:

How to Choose Goldendoodle Breeders in the US


When adopting Goldendoodle puppies in the US, or any dog, you must carefully select an accredited and ethical breeder.

This not only guarantees the happiness and health of the puppy but also ensures contentment for your family.

Here are some ways you can find authentic Goldendoodle breeders:

  • Ask your veterinarian for a reliable reference
  • If your friends or family own a Goldendoodle you like, ask them for their source
  • Interact with breeders at local dog shows; ask questions about their facility, breeding practices, and adoption policy
  • Search online for local Goldendoodle clubs and ask for reliable breeder references
  • Search online reviews and testimonials for high-ranking Goldendoodle breeders
  • Review the AKC Breeder Referral page

More Information About Goldendoodle Puppies in the US


Goldendoodles were initially bred in the early 1990s, which makes this a relatively new designer breed. Here are some facts about this adorable breed:

  • Adult males and females weigh between 50 to 90 pounds and generally measure about one foot, eight inches tall, to two feet at the shoulder. Goldendoodles come in miniature, small standard, and large standard sizes, and their average lifespan is about 10 to 15 years.
  • Goldendoodles usually have a curly or wavy coat with longer hair around the ears, tail, and legs. They come in various colors, including copper, black, cream, and red; the most common is golden. Moreover, regular brushing is required to keep the Goldendoodle’s long fur clean and knot-free.
  • Goldendoodle puppies are very attached to their families and are friendly toward strangers. They thrive in human company and can experience separation anxiety if left alone for too long. Because of their compassionate personalities, Goldendoodles make great family dogs and service/therapy dogs.
  • Because of their eager-to-please nature, Goldendoodles are easy to train. They are moderately energetic, so about 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise is sufficient. In addition, they need space to roam, so make sure you have a fenced backyard.
  • In terms of health, Goldendoodles are susceptible to hip dysplasia and ear infections, so their ears and hips must be regularly checked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mental issues with Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles can get bored easily. They might get destructive as a part of that.

Are Goldendoodles calm or hyper?

Goldendoodles are typically pretty excitable.

Do Goldendoodles like water?

Yes, Goldendoodles can swim and enjoy the water.

Goldendoodle Puppies – Top Breeders in the US


Knowing what to expect when you adopt a Goldendoodle puppy is vital in serving as a responsible pet owner.

Once a Groodle becomes a part of your family, you’ll have an active and friendly canine companion to love and cherish forever!

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