Getting a Companion for Your Havanese: Consider This First! (2024)

Two young Havanese dogs snuggled up in bed with blue sheets and a pink blanket.

Havanese are adorable little dogs with big personalities. They are very social and do not do well on their own.

If you notice your Havanese seems lonely or if you want to bring a second dog home, it’s good to know how your Havanese may react.

Do Havanese need another dog? Havanese dogs were bred specifically for companionship. They do fine as the only dog in a family as long as their human family members can spend plenty of time with them. If human attention is lacking, it might be in the dog’s best interest to get another dog as a companion.

Havanese dogs are adorable and make great pets. Some people want to have more than one Havanese to ensure they aren’t lonely.

As you read through the following, you’ll find out if your dog will be okay on his own or may need another pet to keep him company.

Adding Another Dog for Your Havanese: Considerations

If you decide that your Havanese would be better off with another dog as a companion, there are a few things you should consider.

Taking the time to decide if your Havanese will do well with another dog and what type of companion is best for your pet will ensure your pup is happy.

How Havanese Do With Other Dogs

Havanese dogs typically do well with other dogs. Because they are small, it is often best to choose another dog that is close to the same size.

Havanese have a friendly personality, and they bond well with all types of pets, including cats.

Do Havanese Do Better in Pairs?

Because Havanese are so social and crave companionship, they do great in pairs.

If you work a lot or travel and won’t be home with your pet very much, the right thing to do is to provide your Havanese with a buddy to help keep him from getting lonely.

Benefits of Getting a Companion for Your Havanese

There are many benefits of getting a companion for your Havanese. The biggest one is that it will keep your pup from being lonely and help him live a happier life. Some other benefits include:

  • More exercise.
  • Easier training.
  • Less separation anxiety.
  • Double the cuddles.

Drawbacks of Getting a Companion for Your Havanese

While most people think that having more than one dog is worth the hassle, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind before you purchase or adopt a second dog.

  • More messes.
  • More money.
  • Pack mentality.

Two playful Havanese dogs running with a green toy ball outside.

When Getting a Second Dog, Does Gender Matter?

Gender does matter when you bring a second dog into your home. In general, dogs do better when their companion is the opposite gender.

This may not be the case with every dog, though. If you do choose to get a second dog that is a different gender, you will also need to think about the inevitable attraction and the resulting behaviors.

If you don’t want puppies, you will need to get one or both of the dogs spayed or neutered.

If you would prefer two dogs of the same sex, most breeders recommend two neutered males, as females, even when spayed, tend to get into more disagreements, though this is not a hard-and-fast rule.

How To Introduce Your Havanese To Another Dog

Once you decide that a second dog is right for your family, you will have to introduce him to your current Havanese.

Here are some tips that can help ensure things go smoothly for both dogs.

Keep Them Calm

Make sure both dogs are calm before you try to introduce them. If one seems stressed or scared, wait until they are better adjusted before introducing them to each other. 

Take It Slowly

You might be tempted to jump right in and have your dogs playing with each other, but you should take some time to ensure they are comfortable with each other.

Introduce them to each other in a neutral location for a few minutes and see how they act. If they get along, you can make their next meeting a little longer. 

Monitor Them

Before you leave the dogs alone and unattended together, make sure you have spent time monitoring how they act around each other.

You may want to step into the next room to watch them or even use cameras to see how they act when you aren’t there.

Never leave the dogs alone together unless you are positive there won’t be any aggression. 

Related Questions: 

Can Havanese Be Left Alone With Another Dog?

In most cases, as long as you have properly introduced another dog and you are certain they get along well, your Havanese can be left alone with him.

In fact, it can be better to leave a Havanese with another dog, so he is not lonely. However, much depends on the personality of both dogs.

Are Havanese Protective?

While Havanese are not aggressive, they can be protective. They may bark or get nervous when someone new comes around their owners or other pets in the home.

They certainly are not highly skilled, intimidating guard dogs, but they won’t hesitate to sound the alarm should the situation warrant it.


If you have a Havanese and feel like he’s not getting enough attention or spends too much time alone, you may be thinking about getting a second Havanese or another dog for a companion.

Be sure to do some research to find out what breeds are best for your Havanese, and take the time to get to know the other dog’s temperament before introducing them properly.