Cockapoo vs Maltipoo! (2024)


Deciding on the perfect dog breed can be challenging, as many types of dogs are suitable for owners of various lifestyles. So, comparing breeds can help narrow down your choice before bringing a new pet home. If you compare a Cockapoo vs Maltipoo for your next best friend, this guide can shed some light on their similarities and differences. 

The Cockapoo and Maltipoo dogs belong to a hybrid breed classification, indicating that they come from purebred parents to create an entirely new breed.

The benefits of adopting a mixed dog include getting the best traits from two dogs you adore in one. Besides, mixed dogs can be healthier and live longer than purebred breeds. 

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Characteristics Between Cockapoo vs Maltipoo Breeds 


To get a better picture of the similarities and differences between these two hybrid breeds, it helps to break down each component for a closer look. Here we compare many essential characteristics, including: 

  • The parents
  • Their size 
  • Coat and grooming needs
  • Intelligence and trainability 
  • Temperament 
  • Energy and exercise requirements 
  • Health and Lifespan 

The Parents


One main distinction between these dog breeds is their breeding parents. So naturally, both names include the Poo designation, pointing to the Poodle, but the other parent varies. 

The Cockapoo uses a purebred Cocker Spaniel as the other parent for a litter of pups, while the Maltipoo has a Maltese parent as the other choice. Additionally, although both of these dogs use the Poodle genetics, the sizes differ for each. 

The Cockapoo gets its Poodle genetics from standard and miniature Poodles, and the Maltipoo uses only miniature Poodles for breeding.

So even though these dogs will possess many similar traits to the Poodle, there will be some noticeable differences.  

Some litters can also use back breeding to isolate specific characteristics. One instance is the Cockapoo Maltese mix. This dog will include traits from all three breeds, providing a more diverse array of features. 

Their Size 


The size of these hybrid dogs is also a distinction between them. Dog lovers consider both the Cockapoo and Maltipoo small dogs, but the Maltipoo ends up being smaller overall. 


The Cockapoo dog will typically range between 9 and 18 inches tall, weighing 12 to 24 pounds. These measurements make them on the larger side of the sizing scale. Alternatively, a Maltipoo will fall between 8 and 14 inches tall, weighing only 5 to 20 pounds total. 


When comparing them to Cockapoos, Maltipoos are the smaller breed. However, some larger Maltipoos are comparatively similar to smaller Cockapoos. Therefore, examining other traits can help you differentiate between them. 

In addition, if a dog comes from back breeding, like the Cockapoo Maltese mix, its size may stay more neutral rather than on the small or large side. Again, the result can be from the more prominent Cockapoo genes combined with the Maltese genetics for a litter. 

Coat and Grooming Needs


The coat available on these dogs can be unique to one another, while other times, they may be so similar that telling them apart is challenging. Here, we help you compare the Maltipoo vs Cockapoo coats, making it easier for you. 

Texture and Colors

The Poodle genes will naturally give a Cockapoo pup the possibility of inheriting a tightly curled coat of hair. But, the Cocker Spaniel DNA within the litter counteracts this, leaving puppies with multiple coat choices.

This dog can have a soft and silky coat that is curly, wavy, or smooth, depending on which characteristics are more dominant from the parents. 

In addition, Cocker Spaniels come in a wide range of colors, as the Poodle does. This diversity provides a wide array for litters between breeders, and even littermates can look different from one another.

Their coats can include markings to give them a unique look all their own. Some standard colors for Cockapoos are: 

  • Apricot 
  • Black 
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Red 

The Maltipoo takes its coloring from the Poodle and the Maltese, limiting the color possibilities.

Maltese typically come in white or cream shades, which is a deciding factor on a litter. More often, Maltipoos will be cream or white, with coarser fur, but you can find various shades, including: 

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red

The coat is generally curly, but they can have more wavy or straighter hair, depending on how much Maltese genetics play a part. 

Grooming Needs

Both these hybrid dogs have moderate to extensive grooming needs, depending on the cut. Generally, the shorter the cut, the easier it is to maintain. 

However, you should brush and bathe these breeds regularly while getting their coat trimmed every six to eight weeks. 

Intelligence and Trainability 


Attractive traits of the Cockapoo and Maltipoo for potential dog lovers are their intelligence and trainability. The easier it is to train a pet, the more desirable they can be for first-time owners. 

Both hybrid breeds have the highly-intelligent genes of a Poodle, which are well-known for being the second-smartest dog breed available, according to a pet psychologist, Stanley Coren.

In addition, many Poodles go through extensive training to be therapy and guide dogs because of their high IQ and adaptability to various tasks. 


Cockapoos will carry these Poodle genes along with those they get from the Cocker Spaniel. This parent falls as one of the top 25 intelligent breeds for their adaptive learning through experiences and training.

Having smart genetics is a benefit for this hybrid breed and what they are capable of with proper training. 


Maltipoos are sometimes judged unfairly as not being very smart because the Maltese breed doesn’t make the top 100 list of intelligent dogs.

But even though they do not produce high scores on learning tricks and repeat behaviors, Maltese bond exceptionally well with humans. 

This connection with their owners is in tune with a person’s emotional state and well-being, which is ideal for a therapy pet. A Poodle’s smarts and a Maltese’s intuition can result in a Maltipoo that is easy to train and bonds well. 



Both hybrid dogs make terrific companions for any home. However, their temperament does differ slightly. By comparing these characteristics, you can help narrow down which dog breed is better suited for your home. 


Having a Cockapoo as a pet will surely bring joy to your home. They are bouncy, energetic, and playful balls of fur. Their characteristic smile and desire to interact with their owners make them a terrific choice for a lovable companion. 

The intention of both the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel breeds was for hunting and as sporting game dogs.

This underlying drive, combined with their intelligence, makes them terrific for following directions, swimming, and accompanying you on many adventures. 

Depending on the energy level of a Cockapoo, their rambunctious nature may not be the best choice for a home with very young children.

However, proper training and supervision when kids are in the house are vital for everyone’s safety, including the animal. 


The Maltipoos tend to be more of a lap dog. This is because their heritage includes breeding to be ideal companions for their owners, which can also give them separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long. 

They prefer to sit alongside you while you relax on the couch instead of going for long hikes on the trails. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your Maltipoo hiking with you.

They have enough energy and drive to keep up with their owners and would enjoy spending time with you wherever you are. 

A Maltipoo breed can be suitable for many homes, but their smaller size and stature make them more delicate than the Cockapoo. In addition, if young children are in the home, supervision is always necessary for the safety and protection of your kids. 

Energy and Exercise Requirements 


These hybrid dogs’ energy and exercise will vary based on their temperaments. Providing enough physical and mental stimulation for your pet will ensure they remain healthy and happy throughout their life. 


Compared to the Maltipoo, a Cockapoo will exhibit more energy. They are joyful, bouncy, and active throughout the day. Their energetic nature makes them terrific dogs to take on long walks, hiking on trails, swimming, or wherever you go. 

This breed requires between 30 and 60 minutes of physical exercise daily, from regular walks to playing fetch or even doggie playdates.

Because of their high intelligence, if they do not receive enough exercise to expel energy, they could be naughty, from chewing up shoes to digging or other adverse behaviors. 

Cockapoos can also benefit from using mind-stimulating games, like treat puzzles and slow feeders, to exercise their brains. 


Alternatively, Maltipoos are relatively low-key when compared to their counterparts. They get the laid-back nature from their Maltese parent, whereas dog lovers specialize in the traits to fine-tune a companion dog. 

This lower energy does not mean that this breed doesn’t need exercise. A Maltipoo will still require approximately 30 minutes of exercise daily. Regular physical activity will keep them at a healthy weight and expel enough energy so they will not be troublesome at home. 

Some Maltipoos will still exhibit moderate to high-energy levels, depending on how much Poodle genetics they get from their parents. So, examining the parents is an excellent indication of how energetic your Maltipoo may be. 

Health and Lifespan 


Owning an animal is a long-term commitment and one that you should not take lightly. Therefore, many breeds will have various health concerns that owners should be aware of before bringing a new pet home. 

Hybrid breeds are no exception to genetic troubles, although they can be fewer in some instances, depending on the breeding parents. On average, smaller-breed dogs live longer than larger ones, making these hybrid choices a longer commitment for pet owners. 

It’s vital that you get your pet from a reputable breeder that uses proper methods to have a healthy litter, so you can minimize the chances of your dog developing genetic issues later in life.

Additionally, purebred parents should have complete genetic testing to ensure their genes do not carry any recessive elements they can pass down to their litters. 

Although purebreds can predispose to some ailments, crossbreeding for hybrids helps reduce this possibility. Here are some typical issues when comparing the Maltipoo vs Cockapoo dogs. 


The overall health of a Cockapoo is relatively good, although they still have some common issues. Some typical problems that you may find with this breed include: 

Cockapoos can live between 12 and 16 years when they follow a proper diet and receive enough exercise and veterinarian care.  


Maltipoos are not immune to developing health conditions, unfortunately. When comparing them to the Cockapoo, they can experience more problems. Some of the more common ailments that are within this breed include: 

The Maltipoo breed has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, making them a slightly shorter commitment than Cockapoos, but can still be around for a great deal of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maltipoo a low maintenance dog?

These dogs are usually low maintenance.

What is the downside of a Maltipoo?

These dogs do have separation anxiety.

Are Maltipoos usually aggressive?

Maltipoos are typically relaxed and gentle house pets.

Cockapoo vs Maltipoo


Selecting your next pet is a big decision and one that will affect every member of your household.

Therefore, you should take the time to consider which hybrid breed will suit your lifestyle best. Examining their overall needs, health, and temperament when comparing the Cockapoo vs Maltipoo breeds is a terrific method.

In conclusion, the Cockapoo is a fun, energetic small dog breed that will bring joy to any home. They have higher exercise needs but live longer and have fewer health problems. 

Consequently, the Maltipoo is a more low-key hybrid dog that is comfortable as a cuddle companion and will be slightly smaller than Cockapoos.

Alternatively, they do have a shorter lifespan, and the possibilities of health problems are higher than their counterparts. 

However, both hybrid breeds will make a terrific pet for your home with the proper training and socialization. 

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