The Cockapoo: A Complete Breed Overview! (2024)

Cockapoo Breed Overview

Brief History

There are few dogs as friendly and just generally happy as the Cockapoo. Sometimes referred to as, “Cockapoodle,” “Cockerpoo,” or the “Cock-A-Poo,” the Cockapoo was the first hybrid dog to be made. It was first designed back in the 1960s. Some even believe that the first breeding might have been an accident. However, the result was so precious that the breed continued to be made.

The Cockapoo is bred from a Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel. There is also a line of Cockapoos that stem from a Poodle and an English Cocker Spaniel. Those litters are typically referred to as Spoodles rather than Cockapoos because they look just a bit different. Many breeders are actually trying to make the two breeds distinct from one another. So, in this case, the Cockapoo is the happy mix of a Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel.

Since the Cockapoo has been around for a few decades, some breeders are looking to cross Cockapoos with Cockapoos in order to make them a purebred that might one day be recognized by the American Kennel Club. Others still stick primarily with crossing a Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel to make the first-generation Cockapoo. For those who are interested in adopting or purchasing a Cockapoo, it’s important to know if you want one stemming from a first-generation cross or one that comes from two Cockapoos already.

The Cockapoo has won the hearts of many since its inception. It has become a beloved family dog for single families, families with children, elderly couples, and for those who need a therapy dog.

Temperament – Personality

For anyone who is looking for a dog to bring home, knowing the dog’s temperament and personality is key to knowing if they’ll be a good fit for the family. A Cockapoo is a popular choice for many families because of its sweet disposition. It takes the intelligence from the Poodle and mixes it with the excitable and playful American Cocker Spaniel.

Is the Cockapoo a good family dog?

Cockapoos are extremely popular among families because they make a great family dog. They’re fun-loving and love to play. While they only have a moderate activity level, they do love to play with their owners. They’re also extremely affectionate. They have a habit of taking up your lap and following you everywhere that you go. You shouldn’t expect a lot of privacy with your Cockapoo. They’ll likely follow you right into the bathroom.

They’re also relatively easy to care for. They don’t require as much grooming or maintenance as other breeds. They even require less than their sire, the Poodle, which means first-time dog owners can have an easier time of acclimating to the role of a dog owner.

Is the Cockapoo good with kids?

Yes, Cockapoos are also great with kids. They’re smaller in size, so they pose less of a risk of bowling kids over during playtime. That being said, like all small dogs, they might have a tendency to jump on people upon first greeting. This is a behavior that can be trained out, however. Since the Cockapoo is an intelligent dog and easy to train, you shouldn’t experience too much difficulty in curbing that particular behavior with positive reinforcement.

Their playful attitude also makes them ideal for families with children. Since the American Cocker Spaniel used to work in the field, they like field games. Fetch, running around, or just roughhousing in the yard is something that they enjoy. Kids can provide all of the energy releases that Cockapoos need. Once the children are done playing with them, the Cockapoo will likely be satisfied energetically for the rest of the day.

They can also be a bit protective of their owners. While they’re not notorious barkers, they can bark at people or dogs that they don’t know. This may not make them the greatest guard dogs, especially since they’re more likely to want to play with strangers than anything, but they can alert owners to another’s presence. Because they also like to spend time with their owners–to the point where they won’t leave them alone–their the first to know if something is wrong.

Cockapoos bond quickly with their owners. For kids, they’re a great companion to play outside with and release some energy.

Physical Traits – Size, Weight, Coat

One of the reasons that the Cockapoo is so popular is because it basically looks like a giant teddy bear. Who doesn’t want to snuggle that? Yet there are a few aspects to consider when choosing your Cockapoo. Because the Poodle comes in a variety of sizes, Toy, Mini, and Standard, your Cockapoo might also vary in size. Knowing how big of a dog you want and can handle is important.


First, you should know how large your Cockapoo might become. The overall size of a Cockapoo can vary from 10 inches to 15 pounds in height depending on what kind of Poodle is used. There are four types of Cockapoo: The Teacup, The Toy, The Miniature, and the Standard or Maxi.

The Teacup Cockapoo typically has a height that is less than 10 inches. It comes from the notorious Teacup Poodle. These little guys can fit inside of your purse and love to sleep directly in your lap. For families who are concerned about the size of their apartment for a larger dog, then the Teacup Cockapoo might be the perfect answer. Even families who want a smaller dog because of their young children might find the Teacup Cockapoo the perfect size for them. They’re easier to handle as well since they can be easily picked up and moved around. You don’t have to worry about being dragged around on the leash with this little guy!

The Toy Cockapoo typically reaches a height of 10 inches. It’s also quite small but it has a sturdier build than the Teacup. They can also be a great option for families who desire a smaller dog. They can pull a bit more on the leash than the Teacup but their tinier stature is still easily manageable.

The Miniature Cockapoo can have a height ranging anywhere from 11 inches to 14 inches. They come from the use of a Miniature Poodle or a smaller Standard Poodle. They’re bordering small and mid-sized dog. These can still be great for families with smaller children provided that they are trained when they’re puppies not to jump on people.

Finally, the Standard or Maxi Cockapoo can reach a height of up to around 15 inches. These are mid-sized dogs though they do tend to be smaller mid-sized dogs. They can still be managed quite easily. Especially since these dogs can be submissive towards their owners and handled physically with ease.


Similar to size, the Cockapoo also varies in weight depending on which size you pick. The Teacup Cockapoo typically never weighs more than six pounds. That’s an extremely light dog that can easily be carried in your arm, purse, or dog carrier. They’re also less likely to push over children due to their weight.

The Toy Cockapoo typically never weighs more than 12 pounds. Due to their sturdier build, they have a bit more weight than the Teacup. However, they’re still quite light and easy to handle.

The Miniature Cockapoo, pushing into the mid-sized dog territory, can weigh anywhere from 13 to 18 pounds.

Finally, the Standard or Maxi Cockapoo will weigh more than 19 pounds. It typically does not weigh any more than 30 pounds, however. This dog is capable of pulling a bit on the leash but not to the degree that larger dogs can.

Do Cockapoo’s Shed?

One of the biggest questions that many dog owners ask is if their dog sheds or not. Not all families can deal with a lot of hair. This is especially true in the case of families who suffer from allergies due to hair or dandruff. Luckily, the Cockapoo does not shed a lot. While all dogs shed a little, you won’t find large clumps of hair coming off of your Cockapoo.

They have a coat that’s considered to be hypoallergenic thanks to its Poodle heritage. However, it’s important to note that not all Cockapoos inherit such a hypoallergenic coat. The main culprit behind pet allergies is dandruff that a pet produces. All pets produce dandruff. However, some produce it less than others, such as the case with the Poodle.

Due to its Poodle parent, the Cockapoo also has a chance of acquiring this ability to produce less dandruff. However, the other side of its crossing, the American Cocker Spaniel, do not have the coat that produces reduced dandruff. So, depending on who your Cockapoo favors, your dog’s coat might be more or less hypoallergenic.

One way that you can improve the dog’s tendency to cause allergies to groom them. By keeping their skin nourished and healthy, you limit the amount of dandruff that is in the hair–and thus in the air.

Because the Poodle’s hair is wiry and curly, they’re also less prone to the bouts of shedding noticed in other breeds. Their hair will remain on their body until it is brushed out. So, the maintenance in terms of cleaning up dog hair is significantly reduced with the Cockapoo since they typically have wiry and curly hair, too. Again, however, it depends on who the Cockapoo favors in terms of their parents.

As always, grooming will help keep their hair healthy and less prone to shedding. You may find that your Cockapoo favors the Poodle and has short wiry and curly hair. Or you may find that it favors the American Cocker Spaniel and has longer hair that curls. Both are beautiful dogs and can offer hair color and patterns that make your Cockapoo absolutely gorgeous.

Care and Maintenance

As with any dog, the Cockapoo needs care and maintenance in order to be a happy and healthy dog. It’s important that you focus on these aspects to ensure that your dog develops healthy behaviors.


The first aspect to consider shortly after bringing your Cockapoo home is to socialize them. As a puppy, dogs are curious about the world around them. They may be a little nervous about meeting new strangers and new dogs, but they become more relaxed about new meetings in the future if they’re introduced to new visitors when they’re young. This is exactly what socializing is. It’s the process of taking your dog and placing them in new environments.

Cockapoos are extremely friendly dogs. They love meeting new people and love playing with other dogs. You’ll likely find that the Cockapoo thinks that they’re bigger than they actually are and are eager to play with bigger dogs. This makes them great for socializing. Allow their natural curiosity and friendliness to guide them in meeting strangers and exploring new places. They’ll be less anxious about doing so in the future.


There are many factors that go into grooming. Let’s break them up further.

Do Cockapoo’s need to be groomed?

All dogs need to be groomed and the Cockapoo is no exception. Despite having Poodle in their lineage, they still are at risk of having their hair become matted. Brushing should be performed regularly, especially if the Cockapoo favors the Poodle. Without brushing, the hair becomes matted and difficult to brush and clean afterward. In terms of taking them to the groomers, they can typically stand without seeing one for several months. Their hair is naturally shorter than other dog’s hair.

For those wanting to utilize the services of a groomer, then you should take care that they don’t trim the hair to anything less than two to three inches in length. However, some care should be taken in trimming around the eyes. The hair there can grow quite long and make it difficult for the Cockapoo to see.

How often should you bathe a Cockapoo?

Because of the Poodle in their genes, Cockapoos don’t need to be bathed all that much. Perhaps once every three or four months is suitable. This is because their coat is already layered with minerals and oils that make it healthy. If you bathe them too much, it can strip the coat of those necessary oils and minerals. As a result, the coat will look less vibrant and their skin can become dry.

Another aspect to consider with the Cockapoo is their ears. They’re floppy and can are prone to ear infections if not cleaned out regularly. This can be done once a week. All you need to do is wipe the part of the ear that you can see with a cleaning solution on a cotton ball. This cleaning solution should be suggested by your veterinarian.

How much exercise do Cockapoo’s need?

Despite the fact that a Cockapoo has a mid-activity level, they still love to play. At the very least, you should have your dog exercised for at least 15 minutes a day. They love going for walks and playing in the yard. Sometimes they can be satisfied with a simple chew toy. However, all dogs should be taken outside and exercised to ensure that they don’t become overweight.

Mental Stimulation

Like all dogs, but especially due to their Poodle heritage, Cockapoos require mental stimulation. They’re smart dogs who need mental challenges to make them happy and smart. Otherwise, they’re prone to becoming bored and can start to destroy parts of the house and possessions to satisfy their boredom. Challenge your dog by teaching them new tricks, commands, or by playing fun games like Hide and Seek and fetch. There are also toys that you can purchase that can challenge their intelligence, then reward them with a treat.

Food and Nutrition

Depending on the size of your Cockapoo, they only need around 1/4 to 3/4 cups of excellent quality dry food a day. Granted, there are also factors that may require you to feed your dog more or less. Larger dogs will need more food. Those who are more active will also need more food. By exercising them regularly, you can ensure that they don’t become overweight and remain healthy.

Health Issues

Because the Cockapoo stems from the Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel, it is prone to some of the health concerns that those breeds face.

Do Cockapoos have health issues?

There are a few issues that your dog might suffer from as they age. They are: Cataracts, Patellar Luxation, Hip Dysplasia, Allergies, Liver Disease, and Ear Infections.

Roles: What is this breed best-suited for?

Cockapoos are actually used commonly as therapy dogs. They possess playful and gentle personalities that are perfect for certain individuals. They’re typically at ease, love to cuddle, and stay close to their owners. If you know someone who can benefit from a therapy dog, then the Cockapoo is an excellent choice.

Cost: Breeder or Adoption Tips and Costs

There are a few places that you can find a Cockapoo just waiting to be adopted. One of them is the Poo-Mix Rescue. You might also consider buying a Cockapoo from a breeder. Ensure that the breeder follows all health regulations for their puppies and sires. You can utilize this site to find a breeder near you.

How much does a Cockapoo cost?

These dogs can cost anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 depending on the breeder.