Pettito, Oklahoma: Your Premier Destination for AKC-Registered Purebred Puppies

Discover Pettito, OKC, for your new puppy today! From purebred, hypoallergenic, low-shedding, small, large, and medium-sized puppies, Pettito, OKC, is the ultimate destination for ethically raised, adorable AKC-registered purebred puppies and Doodle mixes in the heart of Oklahoma City. 

As pet counselors, they offer the largest selection of pedigree, ethically bred, beautiful puppies in the US. Their designer hybrid pups are the best in the country, and all their puppies are examined for health by a licensed veterinarian.

Their commitment to providing a vast selection of healthy and happy dog breeds, including Doodle mixes, makes them unique and ensures you’ll find your forever puppy! 

They are dedicated to ethical breeding, no puppy mills, and responsible, licensed breeders. Pettito, OKC, rigorously looks for licensed breeders with the highest quality standards who practice responsible breeding. They also offer a written healthy guarantee/warranty for every puppy, ensuring you and your family have peace of mind throughout your puppy-buying journey.

From their Midwest roots to collaboration with esteemed local breeders in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, Pettito OKC sets a new standard when buying a purebred puppy from a breeder. Plus, even if you’re not in Oklahoma City, you can schedule a video call to say hi to your new puppy.

At Pettito, OKC, they are more than pet counselors—they’re passionate about connecting you with a healthy and happy puppy from an ethical breeder. 

Visit Pettito, OKC, for your forever puppy so you can live daily with happy tail wags, licks, barks, and cuddles!

What Sets Us Apart?

Health Guarantee

Each Pettito OKC puppy has a comprehensive health guarantee, prioritizing their well-being and vitality. All Pettito puppies also come with 30-day health insurance by Metlife for added peace of mind.

Socialized Puppies

Pettito, OKC puppies are adorable, well-socialized bundles of joy ready to blend harmoniously into your family. Their friendly and adaptable nature makes transitioning to their new home a delightful experience.

Family Ready Puppies

Are you seeking a puppy that perfectly fits your family dynamics? Look no further than Pettito, OKC! Their family-ready puppies are affectionate, playful, and eager to become an integral part of your household.

Why Choose Pettito, Oklahoma Purebred Puppies?

Personally Vetted Breeders

Pettito, OKC, prioritizes your puppy’s health and well-being by partnering with reputable breeders directly. 

No Puppy Mills, Ever!

Their commitment to ethical sourcing means that NO PUPPY MILLS are involved in our selection process, ensuring the highest standards of care and breeding practices.

Transparency and Trust

They believe in transparent and ethical breeding practices, ensuring that each AKC-registered purebred companion has been nurtured in a loving environment.

Personalized Service

The dedicated team at Pettito, OKC, provides tailored service to every customer, guiding you through every step of the adoption process with expertise and care.

Convenient Location

At Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City, Pettito offers a welcoming space to meet and interact with your dream AKC-registered purebred puppy or designer hybrid. Their open-door policy and daily availability make adopting your new puppy a seamless experience.

Experience the Pettito, OKC Puppy difference— where happy and healthy puppies find their forever homes. Schedule a visit today and embark on a journey filled with tail wags, lots of woofs, and lifelong companionship!