12 Ways To Keep Your Dog Out of Cabinets, Drawers, Cupboards (2024)

A Beagle rummaging through a kitchen drawer that he pulled open.

Dogs are naturally curious, and if they are bored, they may start to explore their home and get into things they shouldn’t.

Some dogs are able to open cabinets, and once they find something that interests them inside, they will continue to open them.

Luckily, there are many different ways you can secure your cabinets to ensure your dog is not able to open them.

Can dogs open cabinets? Dogs can learn to open cabinets, and many of them do so easily. Dogs may open cabinets to find food or out of curiosity. Cabinets that are not locked can easily be opened by dogs using their paws or noses. Cabinet locks can help prevent the dog from opening the cabinets.

If you think your dog is opening your cabinets, read on to learn how to stop them.

1. Sliding Cabinet Locks

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Sliding cabinet locks are made to keep toddlers and babies out of cabinets, but they also work for dogs too.

The locks easily slide into place and are easy for adults to unlock when they need to access the cabinets.

Dogs aren’t able to slide the lock open, so they cannot open the doors when the sliding cabinet locks are engaged. 

2. Invisible Latch Locks

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Invisible latch locks are installed on the inside of the cabinets so they aren’t seen from the outside. They are designed to catch on the cabinet frame when the door is opened.

The locks prevent the dog from opening the doors all the way, so even if your dog is able to nudge the cabinet door, he won’t be able to open it all the way and access anything inside.

3. Magnetic Locks

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Magnetic locks are strong and are installed on each side of the cabinet door to keep it closed.

To open a cabinet door with this type of lock on it, you will need to pull on a hook on the outside of the door.

Dogs are not able to pull on this hook, so they can’t unlock the magnet and open the cabinet.

These locks are attached with strong adhesive, but the locks won’t damage the cabinets if you decide to remove them.

4. Strap Latches

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Strap latches are flexible and easy to install. One side of the latch connects to the outside of the cabinet door, and the other side connects to the side of the cabinet.

If the door is pulled on, the strap latch prevents it from opening. A button on each latch can be pushed to release the strap so the door can be opened.

Dogs are not able to push the button with enough pressure to release the lock, so they can’t access the cabinet.

5. Flex Locks

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Flex locks are easy to install, and they require no drilling. They are safe to use on all types of cabinet materials and are easy for adults to unlock.

The flex locks can be adjusted to fit any handle or cabinet, and they feature a decoy button so toddlers and dogs can attempt to push it, but it will not release the lock.

Dogs aren’t able to flip the correct switch on the flex locks, so they won’t be able to unlock the cabinet.

6. Dog Gate

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If you aren’t able to install locks on your cabinets and need to keep your dog out of them, you may be able to use a dog gate to block off the kitchen or another area of the home where the dog is opening cabinets.

You can find dog gates in various shapes, sizes, and designs, and they fit between doorways to prevent dogs from entering a room.

Many gates also have locks to allow people to walk through them easily.

7. Dog Training Device

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You can teach your dog to stay out of the cabinets by using a training device to distract them.

When the dog tries to get into the cabinet, you can push a button on the control pad to activate an ultrasonic sound and give a firm command to let your dog know this is not okay.

Eventually, the dog will associate the cabinets with a negative sound and stay out of them.

8. Feed Several Smaller Meals Throughout the Day

If your dog is trying to get into cabinets to get food, he may be hungry.

Even if you think you are feeding your dog enough throughout the day, he may be eating it all at once and getting hungry again later in the day.

Try feeding your dog smaller meals throughout the day to keep him satisfied so he is less likely to hunt for food in the cabinets.

9. Move Food Out of Reach

Moving food to a different location can cause dogs to lose interest in the cabinets and stop trying to open them.

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, so if you are storing food in your cabinets, your dog may smell it and try to get to it.

Move the food to other areas where the dog cannot reach, and the dog will eventually lose interest in the cabinets.

10. Provide Lots of Exercise

Your dog may be trying to get into the cabinets because he is bored and needs to move around.

Providing your dog with lots of exercise will not only help him feel less bored and restless but will make him less likely to roam the house looking for things to do.

Walk your dog at least once a day, and try to take your dog outside to run and play for a few hours each day to ensure he is getting adequate exercise.

11. Provide Lots of Mental Stimulation

Dogs require a lot of mental stimulation to be happy. If you aren’t providing them with it, they will begin to explore the area around them and may even be destructive.

Your dog could be trying to get into the cabinets simply because he wants to explore and find something new.

Offer your dog new toys and puzzle games, take him for daily walks, and offer plenty of mental and social stimulation to keep your dog happy and prevent boredom.

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12. Use a Crate When You’re Not Home

If you aren’t able to keep your dog out of your cabinets with locks or gates, you may need to crate your dog.

Crating your dog will give him a safe place to stay when you are not home to keep an eye on him or ensure he is not getting into the cabinets.

Your dog will learn to see the crate as his bed and won’t mind being in it when you are not home.

This keeps the dog safe and prevents the dog from damaging your home or getting into things that may be hazardous.


If your dog is able to get into your cabinets, he could eat anything inside them.

Whether this is food or something hazardous such as cleaning products, it’s not a good idea to allow your dog to freely access your cabinets.

The above examples are a few suggestions that can help you keep your dog out of your cabinets and keep him safe.

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