Vizsla Puppies in California – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)

Selecting a breeder that sells well-bred Vizsla puppies in California might seem impossible, but you are in luck. We have the perfect list of reliable and reputable breeders in and near California.

Vizslas are very loyal, and they do not like to be left alone for long periods. Moreover, they do not have a thick undercoat, so grooming is relatively easy.

Since it is a relatively less popular breed, it can be tricky to find reliable Vizsla breeders in California.

To help you find this underrated gem of a dog, we have listed the top five breeders raising Vizsla puppies for sale in California, so you can sit back and rest assured that you are buying from a responsible breeder.

The Best Vizsla Breeders in California


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1. Cazador Vizsla’s


If you are looking for good-quality Vizsla breeders in California, then Cazador Vizslas is a facility to look at. This facility is located in Santa Rosa, Occidental, California, and they breed for the preservation of the Vizsla breed.

They have been breeding Vizsla’s for the past 45 years, and in addition to this, they have also been training Vizsla puppies in discipline and obedience.

All of their dogs live inside the home, and they originate from great national champions Vizsla’s, that are also in the Hall of Fame Vizsla’s. They are very selective in their breeding practices and only breed dogs of the highest quality.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from Cazador Vizsla, then you should know the following:

  • They have an extended breeding program where they breed puppies in collaboration with one of the best reproductive vets.
  • They have completed the AKC Canine College of Breeding, which has been written by a certified reproductive specialist who has a Ph.D.
  • They also offer stud services and stud service support, which includes help in whelping, breeding, and puppy care.
  • They use different temperament testing techniques for their puppies.
  • They meet and exceed the requirements for testing techniques and have the OFA results on their website.

Cazador Vizslas Details:

2. Evening Star Kennels Vizsla


If you are looking for high-quality Vizsla puppies in California, then Evening Star Kennels should be a top choice as they have been breeding puppies for over 30 years.

This is a family-owned business, and the breeder’s children travel across the US and Canada for various confirmation shows and competitions. If you are interested in purchasing puppies from Evening Star Kennels, then you should know the following:

  • The breeder just had a litter of puppies born on May 22nd, so now would be a good time to contact the breeder.
  • To apply to purchase a puppy, you must fill out a puppy application.
  • All puppies leave the breeder when they are eight weeks of age.
  • All puppies are microchipped and have all of their recent vaccinations.
  • Professional training of the puppies is available for those who opt for it. There are extra charges, and you can contact the breeder to find out more information.
  • All puppies are sold on limited registration unless otherwise indicated. This means you will not be able to be sold to breed.
  • A $1,000 deposit is required to book a puppy after you fill out the puppy application form.

Evening Star Kennels Vizslas Details:

3. Golden Meadows


Golden Meadows not only sells Vizsla puppies in California but also Golden Retriever puppies. With a whole team of experts at their disposal, Golden Meadows is a reputable breeding facility that you can trust.

They have wide open spaces that allow the puppies to run around and get plenty of exercise. They also have potty-training holding pens that allow the puppies to get potty trained quickly.

They have a custom-built grooming room and special kitchen where puppy treats can be prepared.

Their team includes:

  • A lead trainer who also is in charge of customer service.
  • A breeder in charge of the training program.
  • A lead trainer who is also in charge of the Canine Good Citizen training and field trips.

If you are interested in purchasing from Golden Meadows, then you should know the following:

  • They follow the rule of 7 training techniques which allows the puppies to be exposed to different surfaces and experiences, which will help them adjust quickly to their new home.
  • They serve multiple locations, including Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Franciso.
  • For untrained puppies, the cost of a Vizsla is about $3,500, which is subject to change. Contact the breeder for more information.
  • They can only be contacted by appointment, from Wednesday to Saturday, from 4 pm –11 am.
  • To reserve your puppy, you will have to put your name on a master list and answer questions on an information form.

Golden Meadows Details:

4. Rocky Mountain Vizsla’s


Rocky Mountain Vizslas have Vizsla puppies for sale in California. They have been breeding puppies since 1981 and are known for their puppies who have a great temperament and field instinct.

Rocky Mountain Vizsla’s is a family-run business, and the owner’s son and husband make sure that the puppies are well socialized. All of the puppies are kept inside the home and given plenty of room to run around.

Because this specific breed of dog is a high-energy dog, it requires plenty of space to be active and get lots of exercise.

They have plenty of pictures of puppies and dogs on their website that you can refer to if you are interested in seeing what their puppies look like.

For more information on how to purchase a puppy from Rocky Mountain Vizslas, you can visit their website.

Rocky Mountain Vizslas Details:

5. SoCalVizslas


SoCalVizslas is a breeding facility that does not believe in puppy mills and works to educate customers about the dangers of puppy mills. All of their puppies are AKC registered, and to reserve a puppy, you will need to contact the breeder.

They go out of their way to make sure the puppies they select all come from healthy bloodlines. Because of the friendly nature of this breed, the breeders are sure that they will adjust easily to their new owners.

Due to the rising demands for Vizslas puppies, they have a long waiting list. They have pictures available on the website of their puppies and dogs, so you can get an idea of what kind of puppies they produce.

SoCaVizslas has Vizsla puppies in California that are available for sale. For more information about the purchase process, contact the breeder using the contact information below.

SoCalVizslas Details:

  • Address: Murrieta, California
  • Phone Number: 787-509-8857
  • Website: SoCalVizslas

How to Choose Vizslas Breeders in California?


Looking for Vizsla puppies in California can be exciting and fun for you and your entire family. Knowing which breeder to pick can seem overwhelming.

Making sure a breeder is legitimate and not just in it to make money is challenging as puppy mills are a dime a dozen. Therefore, people interested in adopting a dog should be aware of the common characteristics of illegitimate breeders.

The first red flag is limited interaction; puppy mills usually try and keep interaction between you and yourself limited.

They may only do transactions online and not allow you to visit the breeding premises. In comparison, all reliable breeders will allow you to visit their premises and see the parents of the puppy.

They also may only take cash which is another red flag and something you should be suspicious of. If you are not allowed to meet the parents of the puppy you plan to purchase, then you should be wary of the breeder.

Another warning sign is if the breeder is not very knowledgeable about the breed itself. You should be able to ask any question about the breed you are purchasing, and your breeder should be able to answer you confidently.

They should also be willing to share contact information with you so that you can contact them after you purchase the puppy.

With the guide, hopefully, we have made your job easier. Looking for a reliable and responsible breeder should be your top priority.

You may have to compromise on other features to make sure that you are purchasing a good pedigree dog. For example, you may have to travel a long distance or pay more money.

But in the long run, knowing that you have bought a puppy from a reliable breeder will save you costs. You will not have to visit the veterinarian or pay hefty medical bills that you may be faced with if you go to a puppy mill.

Do not cut corners when it comes to purchasing, and always remember to ask questions upfront before you commit.

Conclusion For “Vizsla Puppies in California – Top 5 Breeders”


With this great guide of Vizsla breeders in California, you are well on your way to finding the perfect Vizslas puppy for your home.

With every big decision comes big responsibility. Do not forget to make sure everyone in the house is on board when it comes to taking care of the new puppy.

Here’s hoping you find your new puppy soon!

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