Texas Blue Lacy: A Little-Known Breed With Big Potential! (2024)

A blue Lacy dog running through a field covered with blue flowers.

Blue Lacy dogs originated in Texas and are a working dog breed. They work as both herding and hunting dogs and are known for being resilient, fast, agile, and easy to train.

They get their name from the brothers who developed the breed as well as the striking blue color of their coat. The breed is not yet recognized by the AKC but is the official dog breed of Texas.

What is a Blue Lacy dog? Blue Lacy dogs are working dogs originally bred in Texas to control feral hogs. They are intelligent, energetic, loyal, and purpose driven. They make great pets but are often kept to work on ranches and farms. The breed is not yet recognized by the AKC.

If you are thinking about buying or adopting a Blue Lacy dog or if you want to learn more about this breed, keep reading.

Blue Lacy Dog Breed Information

Blue Lacy dogs come from Texas and are a breed of working dog that excels at herding and hunting.

They enjoy having a purpose and pleasing their owners. They are easy to train and make good companions.

Blue Lacy Background

Blue Lacy dogs originated in Texas. They were bred to help herd livestock and keep feral hogs away. The breed gets its name from the Lacy brothers, Frank, George, Ewin, and Harry.

The brothers came from Kentucky to Texas in 1858 and began developing the breed a short time after.

They needed a dog that was fast, smart, and brave to help herd their livestock while also keeping predators away.

Records show that Blue Lacy dogs likely came from Greyhounds, scenthounds, and wolves.

While the Blue Lacy is not recognized as an official breed by the AKC, the Texas Senate officially recognized it in 2001, and in 2005, Governor Rick Perry adopted the Blue Lacy as the official State Dog Breed of Texas. 

Blue Lacy Appearance

Blue Lacy dogs have slender bodies and short coats. The coat can have either a soft or rough texture. They are slim and muscular. Their tails are thick at the base and taper toward the end.

They have long, narrow heads and snouts, with large, dark eyes and dropdown ears.

How Big Is a Blue Lacy?

Blue Lacy dogs are considered a medium-sized breed and stand between 18 and 25 inches tall. They can weigh between 25 and 50 pounds and have an average lifespan of 16 years.

Blue Lacy Temperament

Blue Lacy dogs are very smart and learn quickly. They are very energetic, love to be active, and are very intense.

They do well as companion animals but can be rough around children. They are friendly and enjoy pleasing their owners but do best when they are given specific tasks to complete. 

Blue Lacy Energy Levels

Blue Lacy dogs were bred to hunt and herd, and they have a lot of energy. They need plenty of space to run and plenty of time to exercise. They train easily and enjoy working and training.

They don’t just love to run. They love to run fast. They need wide-open spaces to explore and don’t do well in small yards or in small homes without room to run. 

Blue Lacy Dog Grooming

Blue Lacy dogs have short coats, so they do not require extensive grooming. They do shed in the summer but don’t often require professional grooming.

They should be bathed at least once every two weeks unless they are hunting or working in muddy or wet conditions, which may require more frequent bathing.

Because Blue Lacy dogs spend most of their time outdoors, they should receive flea and tick treatment. 

Are Blue Lacy Hypoallergenic?

Blue Lacy dogs are not hypoallergenic, but they are low-shedding. People who have dog allergies are not necessarily allergic to the dog fur but rather their urine, dander, or saliva.

Frequent bathing can help reduce dog dander and allergies. 

Do Blue Lacy Dogs Shed? 

Blue Lacy dogs are minimal shedders, but they do shed more during the summer season. They have short hair, so the shedding is not as severe as some other breeds with longer hair. 

What Are Blue Lacy Dogs Used For?

The breed was originally developed to be working dogs, and they are used for herding and sometimes hunting. They were originally bred to work feral hogs.

They are extremely fast and agile, so they can easily navigate fields, rough terrain, and forests. They are also kept as companion animals, but they do require assertive owners.

Blue Lacy Price

Blue Lacy puppies and dogs can range in price from $600 to $1,200.

There are not a lot of Blue Lacy breeders around, so there is no need to worry about overbreeding, but it can be difficult to find puppies in some areas.

The pedigree, health, and physical characteristics of a dog or puppy can determine the overall price.

How Long Do Texas Blue Lacy Dogs Live?

Texas Blue Lacy dogs have an average lifespan of 16 years. Genetics, living conditions, and overall health can play a role in the lifespan.

Are Blue Lacys Recognized by AKC?

Blue Lacy dogs are not yet recognized by AKC, but the Blue Lacy Association has applied to AKC’s Foundation Stock Service, which could help the breed become officially AKC registered.

Is a Blue Lacy a Good Family Dog?

A litter of Blue Lacy puppies in a crate.

Blue Lacy dogs are friendly and aren’t known to be aggressive toward children. They can be companion animals and, with some proper training, they may make good family dogs.

Because they are bred to herd and have so much energy, they may be too intense for young children and families. They are very loyal and protective.

Are Blue Lacy Dogs Aggressive?

Blue Lacy dogs are not known to be aggressive. They are usually very loyal and protective of their owners and especially children.

They do have a herding instinct, so although they are not aggressive, they can come off as bossy at times.

They can also be stubborn, especially if they have not had proper training. They require owners who are patient but also assertive.

Are Blue Lacy Dogs Protective?

This breed is very protective and loyal. They are known to guard their families and other pets. They are known to herd young children and other animals as a way of keeping them safe.

They can also bark at intruders and may be nervous around people they don’t know.

Are Blue Lacy Dogs Easy To Train?

Because they are so intelligent, Blue Lacy dogs are very easy to train. They have natural instincts for herding, but they can also be trained to do other tasks.

They enjoy learning and working and love pleasing their owners. They learn quickly and adapt to different environments and even different owners.

Do Blue Lacy Dogs Bark?

Blue Lacy dogs are not known for being excessive barkers, but they can bark to alert when someone or something is nearby.

They are more likely to bark than attack and may require training to learn to only bark at things that may be threatening.

Do Blue Lacy Dogs Like Water?

Blue Lacy dogs love to exercise and need a lot of it. Swimming can be a great way to give your dog plenty of exercise.

They may be shy to enter the water at first, but once they have learned to paddle, they usually enjoy it. 

Do Blue Lacy Dogs Have Webbed Feet?

Some Blue Lacy dogs do have webbed feet. This can help them tread water and swim more easily. 

How Fast Can a Blue Lacy Run?

Blue Lacy dogs are built to run, and they enjoy it. Their slender and muscular build makes them excellent runners. They can reach top speeds of 35 mph.

Blue Lacy dogs need a place to run daily and prefer to run fast and for long stretches. They do not do well in small homes or tight spaces, such as apartments. 

How Much Should a Blue Lacy Eat?

Blue Lacy dogs are very active and need to eat several times a day to stay healthy and maintain their energy levels.

Puppies between the ages of three to six months should be fed ½ a cup of puppy chow three times a day.

Puppies between six and 12 months can have one cup twice a day, and dogs over a year old can have two cups of food twice a day.

Working dogs may require more food than companion dogs who are not using as much energy.

Are Blue Lacy Dogs Good With Cats?

Blue Lacy dogs are not aggressive and can do well with cats. If they are introduced to cats at a young age, they typically befriend them easily.

Dogs that are not around cats as puppies may take longer to adjust to them. They may try to herd or boss them around, or they may be too rough while playing with them.


Blue Lacy dogs are a lesser-known breed, but they are becoming more popular. Their stunning looks and ability to train easily make them perfect working dogs.

They are often found working on ranches and farms, but they also make great companion pets.

They need plenty of room to run, thrive when they are given specific tasks to complete, and are very loyal and protective.

If you are considering adopting a Blue Lacy, be sure to learn as much as possible about the breed before deciding so that you’ll be aware of what to expect.

Image credits: I Love Texas, Tracy R. Henson-McBee