Puppy Fell Off Couch or Bed? What To Do & What To Watch For! (2024)

A woman holding a small Jack Russell puppy in her hands.

Puppy fell off couch is a search term you never want to have to enter! Puppies are playful and curious but also very clumsy. That’s why it’s very common for them to run into walls and fall off beds or couches when they misjudge a turn or the height of a jump. 

Is my puppy okay if she fell off the bed? In many cases, the dog won’t be severely injured, but it’s important to thoroughly check for injuries such as open wounds, joint pain, broken bones, and head trauma. If any injury at all is suspected, it’s best for the dog to be seen by a veterinarian.

Unlike cats, dogs aren’t always surefooted. It’s important to know what to do if your puppy fell off the couch or bed and how to prevent injuries in overactive, jumping puppies. 

Puppies and Falls – What To Know

If a puppy accidentally falls, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are seriously hurt, but knowing what to do in the event of an emergency will help you remain calm so you can handle the situation properly.

How It Happens

Puppies are known for being little bundles of joy and energy. They are very resilient little things and often get themselves into trouble. Young pups are especially known for being clumsy. 

While they do have four feet, they rarely land on all four paws. It only takes a stumble on one foot for a puppy to come tumbling down. 

What To Do If Your Puppy Falls off of Couch or Bed

Puppies are usually tougher than you think, but if you see your puppy fall, check him thoroughly to make sure everything is okay. 

  • Check for obvious signs of injury: broken bones and obvious limping. 
  • Check for any surface injuries: cuts and scrapes or bleeding.
  • Check for head, neck, or back injuries. If your pup is reluctant to move after a fall, a head, back or neck issue is possible. 

Possible Injuries From Puppy Falling

Here are some typical injuries associated with puppies falling as well as their common symptoms.

Broken Bones

Broken bones will be immediately apparent when you check your dog’s body, but fractures are less obvious. So, check for signs like limping, dragging a leg, or hesitating to put weight on a limb. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries can be a strain (injuries in tendons) or sprain (injuries in ligaments).

Look for signs like soreness, swelling, or warmth in affected areas. Other times, you can feel joints that are out of place. 

Internal Injuries

These injuries are not always evident right after a fall but could be life threatening.

Check for early symptoms like shallow breathing, rapid heartbeat, gum discoloration, and lethargy. Further signs can include coughing or vomiting blood and glazed eyes.

Head Injuries

Falling off on their head can cause a concussion, contusion, or bleeding in the brain.

Check for signs of traumatic brain injuries, such as unconsciousness, glazed eyes, dizziness, or disorientation.


Signs of shock after a fall include irregular heart rate, bluish gums, and slow mental activity. Sometimes, the puppy can also lose consciousness. 

When To Worry

In puppies serious injuries due to falls need immediate evaluation and treatment by a veterinarian. 

  • Dislocation/dangling limb
  • Swellings or areas hot to the touch
  • Obvious broken bones
  • Lethargy, difficulty breathing, or losing balance

If they show any of these signs along with any symptoms of the possible injuries above, bring your puppy to the vet right away.

A young girl looks on while a vet examines her Boston terrier puppy.

When Can Puppies Safely Jump off of Couch?

Usually, puppies shouldn’t start jumping until at least 12 months old.  This is because the bones and joints are still developing and are not yet as hard and strong as they will be at maturity.

Until your dog reaches his first birthday, it’s best to avoid any strenuous exercise or movements that put needless stress on joints and bones. You don’t want to find yourself searching puppy fell off couch if it can be prevented!

Puppy Fell on Head – What To Do

If the puppy falls on his head, you must check for possible head trauma. The injury’s severity depends on the height of the fall and how hard the fall was. 

  • If external wounds are bleeding profusely, apply direct pressure using a clean cloth. 
  • Check for symptoms of contusions and concussions, which can include disorientation and dizziness. 
  • If you notice signs of head trauma, bring your pup to the vet immediately.

How To Prevent Injuries From Puppy Jumping

While you can’t keep your puppy from jumping around all the time, you can at least help prevent injuries. Consider doing all of the following:

  • Carpeting under beds and couches can help cushion falls. 
  • Adding grass in the backyard, by the deck, and around play areas can also lessen the severity of injuries during falls. 
  • Installing gates along stairs until your puppy has mastered climbing up and down. 

Related Questions:

Are Puppies Resilient to Falls?

Before the age of eight months, most puppies’ bones are not fully calcified yet, so they are more flexible and less likely to break their legs after a fall than adult dogs.

However, that doesn’t make them resilient to falls. While their growth plates are still open, hard falls can lead to long-term damage. 

Additionally, puppies don’t yet have the benefit of a strong network of muscles that could act as cushions against the impact of their fall. 

How Do You Know if a Puppy Is in Pain?

A puppy in pain will express it in different ways. The most common is vocalizations, like crying, whining, panting, or growling.

Some signs of pain in dogs are less noticeable, like redness or swelling in the area.

An unusual change in behavior could also mean your pup is in pain. Look for things like lameness, loss of appetite, excessive licking in the area, and reluctance to play.

Should I let my puppy sleep after a fall?

Generally speaking, it’s okay to let your puppy sleep after he’s fallen off the couch or other furniture. If he’s comfortable enough to fall asleep, he’s usually fine. Keep an eye on your dog and if you note any of the symptoms of injury we’ve outlined in this guide, please contact a veterinarian.


If you find yourself having to search a term like puppy fell off couch, don’t worry! Puppies are small and curious, and that means they need special attention and care. They don’t always have the best balance yet, so falling is likely to happen at some point.

During fall accidents, it’s important to stay calm, check your pet for possible injuries, and call the vet if needed.