Are Mini Aussies Hypoallergenic? Shedding & Grooming Needs! (2024)

A merle Mini Aussie sitting with a curious look on his face against an aqua background.

Mini Aussies or Miniature Australian Shepherds are intelligent, loyal and full of energy, and they make wonderful family pets.

Their playful personalities and loyalty make them extremely popular, but with their full, luxurious coats, you’ve got to wonder about their grooming needs and potential for triggering allergies.

Are Mini Aussies hypoallergenic? Mini Aussies are not hypoallergenic. They have long, thick hair, and they shed moderately. The dander within the coat and proteins in the saliva and urine are what cause allergies. Frequent brushing and routine bathing can help reduce both shedding and dander.

If you have a pet allergy and are wondering if a Mini Aussie is the right dog for you, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about their coat and grooming needs. 

Mini Aussie Coat & Shedding

Mini Aussies have coats that are long and thick, so they do require regular grooming to stay healthy and look their best. 

Mini Aussie Coat

The coat of Mini Aussies is medium to long and thick. It is straight but can be wavy. The length and texture are designed to protect the dog from the elements.

Mini Aussies also have an undercoat that adds an extra layer of protection from the elements.

The fur around the head and face is shorter than the fur on the rest of the body, but male dogs have a slightly fluffier mane around the neck or behind their heads.

Mini Aussie Shedding Tendencies

Mini Aussies have a double coat, and they do shed. Daily brushing and regular grooming can help reduce shedding.

The amount of shedding will increase as temperatures rise in early spring, and you may notice an additional increase in shedding in late summer as the dog prepares for colder weather.

Are Mini Aussies Good for People With Allergies?

A Mini Aussie may not be the best dog for someone with pet allergies. They do require frequent grooming, and their allergy-triggering dander can be trapped in the fur they shed.

Why Mini Aussies Are Not Hypoallergenic

Allergic responses may be caused by dander and proteins found in both the saliva and urine, both of which will wind up on the coat and be transferred to you when you pet your dog.

If you have pet allergies but can’t resist having a Mini Aussie in your life, there are allergy medications that may help.

Mini Aussie Grooming Needs

Shedding can be controlled with proper grooming, and Mini Aussies do have specific grooming needs that must be met.

Coat Care

Mini Aussies should be brushed at least three times a week to help prevent shedding and matting and to remove loose hair from the coat.

Mini Aussies should also be bathed at least once a week to help reduce dander and prevent skin problems. Baths will keep the fur healthy and looking nice.

With two long-haired dogs myself, I highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner made with plant-derived, gentle, soothing ingredients.

The shampoo is effective without being irritating or drying, and the conditioner helps immensely with tangles, and it smells nice too.

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Ear & Nail Care

Dogs who spend the majority of their time indoors will need to have their nails trimmed once a month with either canine nail clippers or a nail grinder.

For convenience, have both on hand so you’ll always be prepared. I recommend this combo pack that also features an LED light to enable you to see clearly and avoid cutting into the quick.

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Dogs who spend more time outside can wear down their nails naturally and require nail care less often. 

The long hair around the ears of Mini Aussies can easily hide ticks, burs, and dirt.

The ears should be checked at least once a week for insects and dirt and cleaned at least once a month with an ear cleaning solution designed for dogs.

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Mini Aussies who are prone to ear infections or other ear issues may need their ears cleaned more often. 

Clean the ears by adding a few drops of canine ear solution to the ear canal and massaging the base of the ears. 

Wipe around the visible portion with a soft cloth, being sure to not insert anything into the ear canal, and allow the dog to shake away the excess.

Dental Care

It’s ideal to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Some Mini Aussies tolerate tooth brushing better than others.

If you are not able to brush your dog’s teeth daily, brushing once a week can suffice as long as you provide teeth cleaning toys and treats to help remove plaque buildup between brushing.

I use this brush and toothpaste designed for dogs with my own furry friends, and after they got used to the sensation, they don’t mind it a bit.

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Tips for Living With a Mini Aussie and Allergies

Living with a Mini Aussie while suffering from pet allergies can be a challenge, but it is possible. These tips can help make it easier.

Proper Grooming

Proper grooming is important for not only the health and appearance of your Mini Aussie, but it also helps reduce shedding and the spread of pet dander.

The less dander in your home or around you, the less likely you will have an allergic reaction.

Clean Often

Your Mini Aussie is going to shed, and the sooner you can clean up the hair and dander, the less likely you will suffer allergy symptoms from it.

Wear gloves when cleaning, and speak with your doctor about allergy medications that may help reduce your symptoms.

Proper Training

Your Mini Aussie will shed hair and dander almost anywhere he goes. Training your dog to stay out of certain rooms or off the furniture can help reduce shedding in these places.

Remove Carpet And Rugs

If you have carpet and rugs in your home and are considering a Mini Aussie, you may want to switch to hardwood or vinyl flooring.

Hair and dander can stick to the carpet and keep the allergens near you. Hard flooring is much easier to clean.

Related Questions: 

Are Mini Australian Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Mini Australian Shepherds make great family dogs. They have plenty of energy and a friendly temperament, train easily, and are very loyal.

While active and playful when outdoors, many Mini Aussies settle right down when they come back inside and are well behaved within the home.

What Is a Good Australian Shepherd Hypoallergenic Mix?

Aussiedoodles or a mix of Australian Shepherd and poodle is a good hypoallergenic alternative to a purebred Australian Shepherd.

Mini Australian Shepherds can be bred to Miniature Poodles to maintain their small size.

Final Thoughts 

Mini Aussies are not hypoallergenic, but they have many great traits and characteristics that make them ideal family pets.

If you have a pet allergy and want to bring a Mini Aussie into your home, you can talk to your doctor about allergy treatment options that make it possible for you to share your life with one of these adorable dogs.

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