How Much Exercise Does A Bernedoodle Need? What Do They Like? (2024)

How Much Exercise Does A Bernedoodle Need?
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Bernedoodles are loving, intelligent, sociable dogs with a moderate energy level. In many ways, having a moderate energy level is good because these dogs are fairly easy to train. The more energy a dog has, the more it wants to play and learn, and this definitely fits the definition of the Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodles have a mellow, laid-back temperament and need regular exercise for a few different reasons. Regular exercise helps keep their minds stimulated, which results in less boredom for the dog and less destructive behavior. They also need regular exercise to wear off the food they eat and maintain a healthy weight and good health. Because they love running and playing, the Bernedoodle owner can implement many activities into their daily exercise regimen.

How much exercise does a Bernedoodle need? As a puppy, a good rule of thumb is 5 minutes of exercise for each month in age they are, up to twice per day. So at 3 months it would be 15 minutes 2x per day, 6 months is 30 minutes 2x per day and so on. Bernedoodles are not extremely high energy dogs but their desire to be close to their owners will likely keep them going. When it comes time to rest and settle down, they’ll eagerly join you for some relaxation.

3 Months Old = 15 Minutes (Twice a day)

6 Months Old = 30 Minutes (Twice a day)

9 Months Old = 45 Minutes (Twice a day)

A fully grown Bernedoodle can exercise much longer

What Kind Of Exercise Is Good For Bernedoodle Puppies?

Perfect for Puppies Too Much Stress
Walks around the block on leash, keeping it casual and fun. Jogging or biking for any significant stretch might be too much for a smaller puppy.  Don’t make them keep up with you, go at her pace.
Free play in the yard with some toys.  Let them run and play and have fun with them!  If things get too exciting try and calm them a bit. Long stretches of running and really vigorous play at the puppy stage might be too much
Walking around the house is always fine for a pup, you can guide him or her along with you to get some exercise. Climbing stairs, hills, or really long stretches of strenuous activity, you need to watch for signs they are ok.
A fun game of fetch or tug of war is a popular way to get in some exercise with puppies around the world! Again watch for signs of too much.  Puppies are still growing and developing.  Too much can put strain on joints at this age.

Activities Bernedoodles Typically Enjoy

They do tend to have a stubborn streak from time to time, so finding activities the Bernedoodle enjoys will make exercise time more fun for you and the dog. Although there are few activities this dog will not enjoy, especially when it includes bonding with its owner, Bernedoodles seem to prefer stimulating games and games that are challenging. This is not to say they won’t also enjoy a simple game of fetch the ball or Frisbee.

Bernedoodles enjoy running and never seem to get tired of activities that involve running around. They particularly enjoy games that involve one-on-one participation with their owner or the person currently playing with them. The Poodle part of them enjoys water sports and swimming, although not all Bernedoodles enjoy the water. You’ll have to experiment to see if your Bernedoodle is one of the water-loving dogs. In this article, we talk more about getting Bernedoodles to enjoy swimming and the water.

Typically, the earlier in life they get introduced to water, the more they seem to enjoy it. They also enjoy playing catch or any games involving retrieving things. Their desire to please their owner and spend as much time with them as possible makes them very good therapy and companion dogs.

Signs They’re Not Getting Enough Exercise

With the busy lives we all lead today, sometimes it’s hard to fit in a daily exercise regimen for your Bernedoodle. Games that provide mental stimulation may replace regular exercise from time to time, but should not replace it completely. As stated above, Bernedoodles have a moderate energy level and may even enjoy just cuddling on the couch with you every day.

However, this is something that should take place after exercise not in place of it. If the dog is not getting too much exercise, you may begin to see undesirable traits.

  • Destructive behavior – Even the most well-behaved dog has been known to chew things and destroy property when they’re bored and not getting the right amount of exercise.
  • Weight – If your Bernedoodle appears to be gaining weight without changes in his diet, this is a good sign that he is not getting enough exercise.
  • Pestering you – A Bernedoodle, or any breed for that matter, may start pestering you or bothering you if he wants to play, go outside or just run around. This is particularly common with owners who work all day and leave the Bernedoodle home alone. The dog feels he’s been alone all day and, now that you’re home, he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He wants to play and have some fun with you. Common behavior is pushing you with his nose or bringing a ball or toy to you.
  • Restlessness – If your Bernedoodle is itching to play with you, he may become restless and start pacing back and forth or whining. He’s not trying to tell you something is wrong but that he wants your attention.
  • Excessive barking – The Bernedoodle is a dog, and he’s going to bark if he wants to talk to you. If he is bored and restless, barking is often his best way of telling you that and getting your attention.
  • Roughhousing – Often, a very laid-back dog will begin playing rough if he has a lot of excess energy building up inside of him.

Signs Of Too Much Exercise

Bernedoodle owners are always told about the importance of providing the dog with enough exercise to keep the dog fit and healthy. Surprising as this may sound, there is such a thing as providing a dog with too much exercise. Dogs are not much different from humans when it comes to overdoing it with exercise.

The difference is that humans generally know when to quit, whereas dogs will keep going as long as their owners request it of them. Bernedoodles love pleasing their owners and loving playing so they often don’t know when to quit. Here are some signs that your Bernedoodle may be getting too much exercise.

  • Sore muscles – This is usually the first sign that the dog is getting too much exercise and physical activity. If his muscles are sore, he may have difficulty getting up or may wince or whine when he moves or changes position.
  • Paw pad injuries – Dogs that are getting too much exercise may exhibit signs of wear and tear on their paw pads. The pads may appear inflamed, red or thinner than normal. Exercise caution with your Bernedoodle in the hot summer months. The hot pavement can be very bad for the dog’s paw pads.
  • Injured joints – Another sign of too much exercise is joint injuries, particularly in toes, wrist or elbows. Because they put 60% of their weight on the front limbs, these are the first to become injured. Look for signs that the dog is in pain in these areas.
  • Sudden disinterest in exercise – If your Bernedoodle, who normally loves exercise, is suddenly showing no interest in getting exercise, this is a good sign he’s been getting too much exercise.

Keep in mind that your Bernedoodle can get the exercise he needs without overdoing it or participating in a tough and strenuous exercise regimen. Going for a walk will be just as beneficial to him as strenuous running and jumping but with less risk of injury.

Mental Stimulation Through Brain Games

Although every Bernedoodle is different, they generally enjoy getting exercise of all kinds. However, they love games that provide mental stimulation and allow them to use their brains. They’re intelligent dogs that enjoy solving mysteries. Here are a couple of brain games you can use to keep your Bernedoodle mentally stimulated.

  • Hide and seek – Dogs love this popular game almost as much as kids. If your Bernedoodle knows the “stay” command, you’re all set. Once the dog is in the stay position, go and hide some space. Call the dog and let him try to find you. Dogs love this game and are so excited once they’ve “found” their master.
  • Interactive puzzles – These puzzles have places inside of them where you can hide toys or treats. The dog has to use his brain to figure out how to get the treats out using his mouth and paws.
  • Obstacle courses – As long as it’s not too strenuous, set up an obstacle course where your dog has to figure out where to go next to get to the end of the course.

Related Questions

Are Bernedoodles good at any sports?

Bernedoodles are good at just about any sport. Generally, the smaller the Bernedoodle is, the more energy he or she has. They love running, retrieving, and many of them excel at Agility training. While some owners say the Bernedoodle’s occasional stubbornness can hinder training, most find that this dog is so well-mannered that he will do just about any sport just to be with its owner.

Do Bernedoodles make good running partners?

There are few exercises or fun things a Bernedoodle enjoys more than running. With running and jogging such popular sources of exercise for humans today, running is an excellent way for a Bernedoodle owner to spend quality time with the dog while still giving the dog the recommended daily exercise. Bernedoodles make very good running partners.

Have An Exercising Day!

Unlike many humans who often dread the very idea of exercise, Bernedoodles love getting exercise because they typically consider it as playtime, and it’s giving them special time with their owner. Spending time and bonding with the owner is probably the Bernedoodle’s greatest joy in life!