EnteDerm Ointment: Uses, Side Effects, Directions & FAQ (2024)

EnteDerm Ointment tube and box

Seeing your dog suffer from an infection or even a simple rash can be difficult. You likely want to provide your pet with the best medication or treatment to help them heal and recover quickly.

It’s best to consult a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. EnteDerm is an ointment that many veterinarians prescribe to treat common infections and skin problems. 

What is EnteDerm Ointment used for? EnteDerm is a prescription medication used to treat common skin issues, such as irritation, infections, hot spots, wounds, burn, and more. It is considered safe to use on dogs, cats, and horses. It’s known to provide relief quickly and is nontoxic in case of accidental ingestion.

If your dog is suffering from a skin disorder or another type of infection and you are considering using EnteDerm ointment, read on to learn more about it and how it works.

What Is EnteDerm?

EnterDerm is an ointment that is made of Nystatin, neomycin sulfate, thiostrepton, and triamcinolone acetonide.

The combination of these ingredients means the ointment is capable of treating infections, helping the skin heal quickly, and soothing the skin to prevent itching, pain, and discomfort.

EnteDerm for Dogs Uses

EnteDerm is used to treat ear infections, eye infections, other skin infections, wounds, burns, cuts, yeast infections, and more.

It is a topical ointment that is applied to the skin to help relieve pain, infection, redness, inflammation, and hotspots. 

Is EnteDerm Safe?

EnterDerm is considered safe for dogs and some other animals. It is often prescribed to treat various skin problems, wounds, infections, and burns.

It does have some side effects and should only be used in moderation and when prescribed by a veterinarian.

EnteDerm Side Effects

EnteDerm can cause vomiting and diarrhea if swallowed in large quantities.

The ingredients in EnteDerm have been known to cause deafness in some dogs, so while it is often recommended for ear infections or skin lesions in the ears, it’s best to use caution when applying this ointment to the ears or anywhere on the body for long periods of time.

EnteDerm Ointment for Dogs’ Ears

EnteDerm is sometimes applied to a dog’s ears to help reduce inflammation and infection or to treat rashes and irritation caused by mites. 

EnteDerm Ointment for Dogs’ Eyes

EnterDerm can be applied to a dog’s eyelids to help with pink eye, irritation, infection, or irritation. Avoid getting the ointment in the dog’s eye, and do not apply it to the actual eye.

EnteDerm Ointment for Humans

There is an EntedDerm ointment that is made for humans.

It is used to treat many of the same conditions that the animal version treats in animals. It contains the same ingredients but is a different product than the animal version.

EnteDerm Ointment for Cats

EnteDerm ointment can be used on cats. It is safe to use on minor injuries, rashes, burns, and other skin problems.

It can also be used to treat ear infections, eye infections, and yeast infections. 

EnteDerm Ointment for Horses

EnterDerm is often used on horses as a way to treat their ear infection, skin inflammation, irritation, and infection, including yeast infections.

The ointment is applied topically to rashes and open wounds.

Do You Need a Prescription for EnteDerm?

EnteDerm does require a prescription from a veterinarian. Once you have that prescription, you can order the ointment online and from any pet stores that have a pharmaceutical section.

EnteDerm Ointment box

Is EnteDerm Ointment a Steroid?

EnteDerm does contain a steroid combined with other ingredients.

Is EnteDerm Ointment an Antibiotic?

EnteDerm is not just an antibiotic. It contains a combination of ingredients, and one of them is an antibiotic.

How Long Does It Take EnteDerm To Work?

EnteDerm can soothe skin and help reduce itching and redness very quickly.

It can take several days or even weeks for the active ingredients to start treating the underlying cause and heal the infection.

Can You Use EnteDerm Ointment on Dog’s Paws?

EnteDerm can be used on a dog’s paws to treat yeast infections, fungal infections, bacterial infections and minor injuries and burns. It can be applied several times a day topically.

Can EnteDerm Be Used on Cuts?

EnterDerm can be used on cuts as long as they are not too deep. It can be applied to open wounds and cuts and can help reduce pain, redness, inflammation, and infection.

What if My Dog Eats EnteDerm?

While you shouldn’t allow your dog to eat EnteDerm, it is not toxic. If eaten in large quantities, dogs can develop diarrhea and vomiting.

Because EnteDerm is applied topically, it can be easy for dogs to consume it when licking their wounds or biting at itchy skin and hot spots.

Does EnteDerm Ointment Expire?

EnteDerm does expire. When you open the packaging, you will find a tube of ointment. You can find the expiration date on the tube.

It’s never a good idea to use medication past the expiration date, but EnteDerm is not harmful if expired, just less effective.

How To Use EnteDerm Ointment

The best way to use EnterDerm ointment is to apply it with a cotton swab or with your fingers while wearing gloves.

You should apply a small amount to the wound or rash. If there is redness outside of the wound area, spread the ointment there as well.


EnteDerm ointment is often prescribed by veterinarians for dogs, cats, and other animals that have hot spots, infections, wounds, and burns.

It is applied topically and is a combination of ingredients that help soothe the skin, fight infection, and strengthen the skin so it can heal faster.

It is safe for dogs, cats, horses, and some other animals.

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