What To Do With Dog Poop Until Garbage Day: 6 Genius Ideas! (2024)

A man using a gloved hand to pick up after his small white dog.

Responsible pet owners know how difficult it can be to find a place to store dog poop until it can be picked up on garbage day.

There are many different ways to dispose of dog poop, and finding the best solution can allow you to spend more time with your dog and less time cleaning up after it.

What to do with dog poop until garbage day? It’s best to store your dog’s poop in a sealed bag or container that will prevent liquids and odors from leaking. Pet waste stations, metal cans with liners and tight lids, compostable bags, scented liners, and deodorizers are other options to consider for dog poop disposal.

If you are wondering what to do with your dog’s poop while you are waiting for garbage day, read on to learn about your options. 

How To Deal With Dog Poop Until Garbage Day 

Cleaning up after your pets is necessary, but deciding what to do with their poop until garbage day can be difficult. Here are some options to consider. 

1. PawPail Pet Waste Station

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The PawPail Pet Waste Station is a smell-proof container that will store dog poop until you can take it to the curb on trash day.

It’s similar to a trash can and allows air to circulate into the container but doesn’t let odors or air out. It’s as simple as popping the lid and tossing the dog poop into the bag inside the container.

When it’s time to take the trash to the curb, you simply grab the bag and add it to your normal trash bag or trash can.

2. Metal Can With a Scented Liner and Secure Lid

The worst part of storing dog poop until garbage day is being able to control the smell. Some containers allow scents and odors to escape.

Metal cans can help block odors, and adding a scented liner and a secure lid can help keep the odors from escaping until you can remove the liner and take it to the curb. 

3. Diaper Genie

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Diaper Genies are used for baby diapers, but they work just as well for dog poop. Baby diapers release bad odors and can even leak, much like dog poo.

Diaper Genies have bags inside them that block odors and prevent leaks by individually sealing each new addition. You can toss the dog poop in the Diaper Genie and then remove it on trash day.

4. Lined Coal and Ash Bucket

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A coal and ash bucket can be strong enough to prevent fluids from leaking out and can help block odors. To avoid having to wash the bucket every time you empty it, you can add a liner to it.

The coal and ash bucket will also come with a small broom, scoop, and a lid that helps make cleanup easier. The stylish design makes the chore a bit more pleasant as well.

5. Compostable Dog Waste Bags 

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If you don’t want to have to move the dog poop to a different trash bag on trash day but also want to use something that is eco-friendly, compostable dog waste bags are a good option.

They can be used to pick up dog poop from outside and can be tied to prevent odors from leaking out. They can also be tossed right in with your regular trash.

6. Apply Deodorizers

To help block smells while waiting for garbage day, you can apply deodorizers to contain the bag that holds the dog poop.

There are a few things that work well, including baking soda, Nature’s Miracle, Smelleze, and DooKashi are a few products to consider.

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Alternative Solutions for Disposing Dog Poop

If you don’t want to throw the dog poop in the trash or if your garbage company refuses to pick up dog poop, you may need to consider one of these alternative solutions for disposing of it.

Doggie Dooley

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  • Works like an outhouse for dog waste.
  • Our largest capacity system!

The Doggie Dooley works much like a septic tank. Simply place the dog poop inside, and bacteria and enzymes work together to break it down and decompose it. 

Flush Down the Toilet

Dog poop can be flushed down the toilet just like human poop. Pick it up with a piece of toilet paper or a shovel and drop it in the toilet to flush it. 

Bury It in Unused Area of Your Yard

If you have an area of your yard that you don’t use often, you can bury the dog poop there.

You can dig a large hole and then cover it with sod so that you can easily pull it up and put the poop in the hole, or you can just bury every individual poop in a new place in this area.


If you have a compost bin, you can add the dog poop to it. The same things that break down rotting food and vegetables will break down the poop. 

Plant Fertilizer

Scoop up dog poop when you find it and add it to your garden or flowerbed. Dog poop can make extra fertilizer and help plants grow.

You can add mulch or bury it shallowly to help reduce odor.

Related Questions: 

Is It Illegal To Throw Away Dog Poop?

It is not illegal to throw away dog poop. As long as the poop is placed in a secure bag or container, you can throw it in the trash.

Is It Okay To Flush Dog Poo Down the Toilet?

It is okay to flush dog poop down the toilet. Make sure you use the same precautions you would use when flushing human poop to avoid clogging your sewer system or toilet.


One of the more difficult aspects of being a pet owner is dealing with your dog’s poop. The above suggestions can help make it a little easier.

There are many ways to properly dispose of dog poop, so just find the one that works best for you.

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