Top 8 Cane Corso Breeders in New York! (2024)

Are you looking for a loyal and protective companion that can also be a great addition to your family? The Cane Corso might just be the perfect breed for you, which is why we have a list of the best Cane Corso breeders in New York.

The Cane Corso is a mastiff breed with various coat colors, including plumb-gray, black, slate, light gray, light fawn, dark fawn, deer fawn, and brindle.

Their square-shaped head, snout, and short hair with a thick undercoat give them a regal but intimidating appearance, especially with cropped ears and tails.

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best Cane Corso breeders in the state of New York.

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1. Casanova Cane Corso


Casanova Cane Corso is a reputable and knowledgeable breeder in New York that provides comprehensive information on the Cane Corso breed.

The breeders at Casanova understand that raising a well-structured Cane Corso can be challenging and starts with careful selection of the parents of the litters.

Their Cane Corso are known for being reserved and hardworking animals that can be registered as experienced in therapy work.

Casanova Cane Corso only sells companion puppies and assures of strict spay/neuter agreements.

Each Cane Corso is thoroughly examined and comes with a two-year health guarantee.

Due to the strict breeding standards maintained by Casanova Cane Corso, this breeder is considered trustworthy for those looking to buy a Cane Corso in New York.

Casanova Cane Corso Details:

2. LaFaccia Cane Corso


LaFaccia Cane Corso is a reputable breeder located in Montebello, New York. With over fifteen years of breeding experience, LaFaccia Cane Corso is a trusted source for those seeking information on Cane Corso breeders in New York.

The breeder owns five Cane Corsi and has personal friendships with breeders in Italy, ensuring their puppies have good temperaments and proper structure.

LaFaccia Cane Corso emphasizes that the Cane Corso is a working dog and requires proper placement in good homes to prosper. They carefully hand-pick each puppy during the application and acceptance process.

LaFaccia Cane Corso offers examinations and early vaccination schedules for their puppies, highlighting the importance of early neurological stimulation and socialization to keep the puppies structured and well-rounded.

Located on five acres of land, LaFaccia Cane Corso is dedicated to providing their puppies with a nurturing environment.

They are known for their commitment to breeding healthy, high-quality Cane Corsi, making them a reliable choice for anyone interested in bringing home a Cane Corso in New York.

LaFaccia Cane Corso Details:

3. Canine Corral


Canine Corral is a New York-based business that connects individuals with reputable private breeders in their local area or those who can ship puppies to their state.

If you are in search of a Cane Corso breeder in New York, Canine Corral can assist you. They are recognized for their partnership with trustworthy breeders, ensuring that the process is transparent and reliable.

One of the advantages of Canine Corral is that they provide financing options for approved customers.

This can be particularly beneficial, as Cane Corso puppies can be quite expensive to obtain high-quality dog.

Canine Corral strives to be a trustworthy and reputable business that assists individuals in finding the dog of their dreams.

Canine Corral Details:

4. Borealis Cane Corso


Borealis Cane Corso is a reputable breeder located in New York that offers champion bloodlines in their Cane Corsi. The breeder treats their dogs like family and raises them in-home until it’s time to breed them.

Borealis Cane Corso’s highest standards confirm that every litter is well taken care of, encouraging the best traits to develop in the puppies.

To promote the best health and temperament in the Cane Corsi, every dog is carefully paired with another dog.

The breeder also emphasizes early and frequent socialization, as well as providing structure as soon as the puppies participate in activities.

The Cane Corsi from Borealis Cane Corso are registered with several organizations, including the International Cane Corso Federation (ICCF).

Borealis Cane Corso provides a strict contract with their puppies. Each puppy receives their six-week vaccinations and is examined for any health or genetic concerns.

To ensure the safety of the breed and the breeder, all puppies are mandated to be spayed/neutered within the first year of life.

Additionally, every new owner must agree and complete a puppy class and some training for their new Cane Corso within the first eighteen months of life.

With their dedication to their dogs and their strict standards, Borealis Cane Corso is a trustworthy breeder for anyone looking for a Cane Corso in New York.

Borealis Cane Corso Details:

5. Liberty Cane Corso


Liberty Cane Corso is a reputable breeder of Cane Corsi located in New York. It is a solo-owner operation with small litters produced only once or twice a year.

The Cane Corsi bred at Liberty Cane Corso have been registered as show dogs, with some even earning champion titles. The breeder carefully selects breeding pairs to guarantee the health and stability of the puppies.

Early neurological stimulation and structured play are provided to every puppy to encourage good temperaments and development.

Liberty Cane Corso has received several best-of-breed awards, making it an excellent place to begin your search for a new puppy.

Liberty Cane Corso Details:

6. Cane Corso de Italica Terrae


The kennel Cane Corso de Italica Terrae is owned and run by Dominick and Zoe DeVita. The literal translation of the name is “The Italian Land”.

They searched for the ultimate protector and guardian for their home and family and found the Cane Corso, a dog breed that is brave, fearless, strong, yet gentle, loving, and kind.

Their breeding program aims to produce outstanding working and show quality Cane Corso puppies that are sound in both body and mind.

They selectively breed dogs imported from Italy, the birthplace of the Cane Corso. The DeVitas visit many dog shows and working events so that they can educate people on the specifics of this beautiful breed.

Their home is open to visitors who can come and meet the dogs by appointment.

The DeVitas help people in selecting the best dog that suits their needs, whether it is a prospect for a show, obedience, personal protection, or just a new best friend.

Their dogs have been shown in books, calendars, and magazines.

Cane Corso de Italica Terrae Details:

7. Caveo Cane Corso


Located in Halfmoon, New York, Caveo Cane Corso is a small breeder that produces litters only occasionally. Danielle Major, the breeder, explains that they usually breed when they desire to add another dog to their family.

Unlike other breeders, Caveo Cane Corso does not have a website. However, they utilize a platform called Free Dog Listings to advertise their dogs for sale. If interested, you may contact them through this platform.

Caveo Cane Corso Details:

8. Master K9 Kennels


Master K9 Kennels, located in Elmsford, New York, is a pet store and breeder that offers various dog breeds for sale, including Cane Corsos.

It’s important to note that they obtain their Cane Corso puppies from smaller hobby breeders rather than breeding their own. When considering this breeder, it’s advisable to scrutinize their practices thoroughly.

Master K9 Kennels Details:

  • Location: N Lawrence Ave, Elmsford, NY 10523, United States
  • Phone Number: 914-345-5089

Conclusion For “Top Cane Corso Breeders in New York”


Understanding the breed is critical to raising a well-adjusted dog. Cane Corsos are an athletic and confident breed that requires attention and training.

All Cane Corso breeders in New York should offer tips and suggestions for taking care of the animal.

It’s best to interact with the puppy before taking it home to ensure you’re satisfied with its temperament. Although these breeders are not puppy mills and care for their animals, research is essential when choosing a breeder.

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