Common Questions About Worming Your Dog Answered! (2024)

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Owning a dog sometimes means you have to deal with parasites and infections.

If you want to make sure your dog stays healthy and happy, you should worm him or her following an appropriate schedule.

Untreated worms could make dogs very ill, so it’s important to treat them as soon as you suspect a problem.

Can I worm my dog twice in one week? You should not worm your dog twice a week. Puppies under the age of three months should be wormed every two weeks, puppies between three and six months should be wormed once a month, puppies over six months should be wormed every two months, and adults should be wormed every three months. 

If you suspect your dog may have worms and you want to know how to worm him or her properly, read on to learn more.

How Often Should I Deworm My Dog?

The frequency that dogs should be wormed depends on their age. You will need to follow a worming schedule to ensure you are worming your dog properly. 

Young puppies less than three months old should be wormed every other week. Puppies between three and six months of age should be treated once per month.

Dogs who are older than six months should be wormed once every two months.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Worms?

If your dog has worms, you may be able to see them in the stool. Not all dogs pass the worms, so your dog may have worms even if you don’t see them. 

Other signs of worms in dogs include a bloated stomach, change in appetite, scooting their bottoms on the ground, and lethargy.

Your vet can examine a stool sample to determine what type of worms your dog has and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Puppy Worming Schedule

To protect your dog from worms, you should start a deworming schedule as soon as you bring your puppy home.

Puppies under three months old should be wormed every two weeks. 

Puppies that are three to six months old should be wormed every month, and puppies and dogs over six months old should be wormed every three months. 

Dog Worming Schedule

Puppies should follow an adult worming schedule once they reach 12 months old. 

Adult dogs only need to be wormed every three months, but they also need to receive a heartworm pill.

Heartworm pills are preventative and should be given on schedule as prescribed. 

How Much Dewormer To Give a Puppy

Wormer is usually dosed by weight. Every type of wormer is different. Some come in pill form, and others come in liquid form. 

Always check the instructions on the packaging to find out how much your dog should be given. 

Dewormer Dosage for Dogs

Dewormer for adult dogs is also dosed based on their weight.

You can check the packaging of the wormer to find out how much your adult dog should receive, or consult your veterinarian.

What Happens If You Give a Dog Too Much Wormer?

Giving your dog too much wormer can make him very sick. Your dog may experience stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, and in severe cases, kidney failure. 

Always follow the dosage recommendations on the wormer packaging to ensure you don’t give your dog too much wormer.

Female owner petting sick Jack Russel who is sleeping on a lime-green pillow.

Can You Worm a Dog Too Often?

Worming your dog too often is possible and could be harmful to your dog.

Puppies and dogs of different ages have a specific worming schedule that you should follow to ensure you worm your dog on time but don’t worm them too often.

What Happens If I Don’t Worm My Dog?

Worms can cause a lot of health problems in dogs. The worms may eventually spread throughout the body and cause damage to the dog’s internal organs.

They can leave dogs at risk for infection, leave them severely depleted of nutrients, and even lead to heart failure or other organ failure and death.

Can Dogs Still Get Worms After Being Dewormed?

Even though deworming your dog can reduce the risk of developing worms or can help kill any worms that are living inside your dog, there is still always a chance your dog can become infested again, especially if you do not stick to the worming schedule.

Dogs can have worms more than once, and sometimes wormer doesn’t kill all the worms. A dog may need several doses to get rid of all the worms.

How Long Will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming?

Once you have wormed your dog, you may see signs of the worms in the poop. The worms should be dead, but some may still be alive and moving. 

You can expect your dog to poop worms for two to three days after you have given the wormer. This lets you know the wormer has been effective. 

Common Worms in Dogs

Dogs can be infected with several different types of worms.

Worming products usually treat a variety of worms, but certain parasites may require a different type or more aggressive treatment.

The most common worms in dogs include:

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How Much Does It Cost To Deworm a Puppy?

The price to deworm your puppy can vary depending on whether or not you do it yourself or take your dog to the vet to have it done there.

On average, it may cost between $10 and $60.

Can Dogs Get Ringworm From Humans?

Yes, ringworm is easily transmitted from people to animals and from animals to people. 

If you have ringworm and the infected area comes in contact with your dog, your dog may develop ringworm too. 


Worms are one of the most common problems dogs experience. 

Puppies and dogs of all ages can have worms, and it’s important to worm them on schedule to ensure the worms are treated and not left in the dog’s body to cause severe health problems. 

You can treat the worms yourself with over-the-counter medications or make an appointment with your local veterinarian to have them treat the worms.