What Do Dachshunds Hunt? Badgers, Fox, Rats, Rabbits & More (2024)

A red Dachshund sitting alertly in the woods surrounded by fall foliage.

Dachshunds are sometimes called Doxies and are small, long dogs with short legs and long snouts. These adorable dogs make great companions, but they are actually working dogs.

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers, and they are still used today to hunt many other small mammals as well as rodents.

Do Dachshunds hunt honey badgers? Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and other small pests, and their name even translates to badger dog in German. Dachshunds were bred to hunt European and American badgers but not specifically honey badgers, which are a much more aggressive species.

Dachshunds are capable of hunting a variety of animals, including badgers. Read on to learn more about their hunting capabilities.

Dachshunds and Badgers

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers and other small mammals. While many Dachshunds will maintain their hunting instincts, some dogs need to be trained to do so.

Do Dachshunds Hunt Badgers?

Dachshunds do hunt badgers. Their slim bodies and short legs even allow them to go into a badger’s underground burrow.

The AKC considers this the only dog breed that is capable of hunting underground and above ground.

Why Were Dachshunds Bred To Hunt Badgers?

At one time, badgers were considered pests, and farmers wanted a way to eradicate them.

Dachshunds were bred to be able to hunt badgers above ground and follow them into their burrows to continue the hunt if necessary. This is why Dachshunds have such a unique body shape.

Do Dachshunds Kill Badgers?

Dachshunds are not meant to kill badgers but to drive them out of their burrows or corner them so the hunter can make the final kill. 

Are Badgers Dangerous to Dogs?

Badgers are not dangerous to dogs because they typically try to avoid them. Badgers are scared of dogs and see them as a threat.

If a dog encounters a badger, the badger will likely try to run or hide from the dog but may fight if it feels threatened enough to defend itself.

American Badger vs. Honey Badger

American badgers and honey badgers are very different. American badgers are timid and spend most of their time underground where they feed on insects.

Honey badgers are aggressive carnivores and often hunt porcupines and even venomous snakes. They are native to Africa and parts of Asia and India, regions where Dachshunds are not common.

While Dachshunds are capable of hunting American badgers, they were not bred for hunting honey badgers.

A red Dachshund lying down while on full alert on green grass.

What Do Dachshunds Hunt?

Dachshunds are capable of hunting animals that are considered pests, such as small mammals. They are not bred to hunt large, aggressive animals.

Do Dachshunds Hunt Foxes?

Dachshunds can hunt foxes, and many are trained to chase foxes out of their burrows to make them easier for hunters to kill.

Do Dachshunds Hunt Moles?

Dachshunds can easily hear and smell moles and are capable of entering the burrows of some moles to flush them out so they can be killed.

Do Dachshunds Hunt Rats?

Dachshunds are capable of hunting rats and can even follow them into their nests to flush them and their babies out for extermination.

Do Dachshunds Hunt Mice?

Dachshunds can hunt mice. They can easily locate mice with their strong sense of smell, and they can chase them out of their nests or burrow.

Do Dachshunds Hunt Snakes?

Dachshunds do hunt snakes. They are fearless hunters and may even hunt venomous snakes, which can be dangerous.

Rabbit Dachshund

Rabbit Dachshunds are the smallest Dachshunds and were specifically bred to be small so they could easily hunt rabbits.

They are not officially recognized by the AKC, but they are popular in many hunting clubs. They are smart, brave, and energetic, which makes them ideal hunting dogs and family pets. 

Rabbit Dachshund Size

Rabbit Dachshunds are the smallest type of dachshund (even smaller than Mini Dachshunds) and weigh less than 8 pounds. They also stand shorter at less than 6 inches small.

Their small size makes it possible for them to hunt small prey and enter tight spaces such as underground burrows.

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Where Do Honey Badgers Live?

Honey badgers are found in Africa, India, and the Middle East. They live in burrows but also spend time above ground where they hunt mammals.

They are capable of adapting to a variety of habitats and are ferocious hunters.

Why Are Dachshunds Called Doxies?

Dachshund is a hard name to pronounce, and many people call them Doxies as a way to shorten the name and make it easier to pronounce.


Dachshunds are small but brave little dogs. While most people think of them as companion animals, they were actually bred to be hunting dogs.

Dachshunds are capable of hunting badgers, rodents, and other small mammals, and they can even be trained to go into the burrows of these animals to flush them out.