Can Cats Be Gay? (The Answer Might Surprise You) (2024)


Most scientists believe cats have no specific sexual orientation or attraction. If you’re wondering, “Can cats be gay,” the answer is that cat sexuality is different than human sexuality.

Cats do not feel love in the same way as humans, and while they are very social animals, they do not necessarily partner up. Cats mate, but this is out of a desire for reproduction and not a sexual attraction.

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Can Cats Be LGBTQ?


Many cats exhibit many same-sex behaviors, but that does not necessarily mean they are LGBTQ. Cats don’t experience sexual attraction or emotions in the same way as humans.

They may be close to other cats of the same sex and even demonstrate behaviors that make it appear as if they are attracted to the same sex. These behaviors might include licking, pawing, snuggling, sleeping together closely, grooming, and even mounting. There is no evidence that cats prefer homosexual and heterosexual relationships.

There is no evidence that cats have any relationship outside of causal socialization.

Cats bond with other cats, humans, and even other animals and may exhibit some of the same behaviors across different species, regardless of sex.

What Are Some Examples Of Same Sex Behaviors In Cats?


Cats do exhibit some same-sex behaviors that may or may not be obvious.

Same-Sex Mounting

Several species exhibit male-on-male mounting as an obvious but rare homosexual behavior. Male cats climb atop one another, mimicking mating rituals.

Though many view it as nonsexual and dominating behavior, cats could very well express sexuality through this action.

Mounting other cats of the same sex is sometimes used to relieve stress or release unspent energy. There may be no sexual component to it.



In reality, kitty play can become sexually charged if it goes beyond innocent training for hunting and fighting. There is a possibility that mounting and other sexual behaviors will result from play fighting or wrestling.


Feline behaviors like same-sex grooming, licking fur, and exchanging scents can indicate sexual preferences.

It is common for cats to lick one another and sleep next to each other because of their grooming skills. There may be a sense of sexual behavior here, but it is probably more related to grooming.

Can Cats Be Attracted To Humans?


Cats do not exhibit sexual attraction towards humans. Sometimes humans misinterpret the behaviors of a cat in heat. During heat, a male’s testosterone levels can rise and be very unruly.

A cat that hasn’t been neutered is worse. You may find him humping on you, the sofa, and everything else he sees due to his sexual drive. A neutered male still has a small amount of testosterone and could act out.

Seeing how affectionate and attentive they can be to their owners can be alarming. 

In addition to exhibiting sexual behavior around humans, cats might also show signs of sexual attraction toward humans, although their behaviors are primarily driven by instinct rather than desire.

A cat will most likely hump once it reaches puberty. Sometimes, a cat may hump on anything they are attracted to, such as when it suffers from trauma or surgery.

If you don’t respond to the cat’s demands, it may lick or hump you.

When cats are in heat, these behaviors are common. Female cats may turn to other animals or even humans if a male isn’t around to mate. They should calm down now that their heat has passed and return to normal.

Do Male Cats Try To Mate With Each Other?


Mounting is not necessarily a sign that cats are trying to mate. A cat may mount or hump another cat for many reasons. There are many reasons why male cats hump each other, including boredom and territoriality.

If you have a male cat aggressively humping another cat, you may want to have it neutered. Male kittens might hump when they’re trying to get attention from their mates.

Males can hump other males to show dominance too. This is also a reason why many older cats hump male kittens.

Even after a male cat is neutered, it could still hump other male cats. Although its desire to mate may be reduced, other instincts that may result in humping could still be strong.

Can Two Male Cats Bond?


Any two cats can bond together. They might be littermates born together, or they might be kittens who met in a household, or they might be kittens who became friends as adults.

It is not uncommon for parents and siblings to be bonded. There are even some outdoor cats that bond with animals from neighboring houses.

When cats bond with one another, they don’t necessarily do so for a reason. Sometimes, you may adopt one cat, then adopt another a few years later, and they may become a bonded couple.

Often, bonded cats are male or female or one of each, and they were separated by several years of age and met after they were both adults.

A lasting bond between cats and humans occurs after they have been around for about 18 months to four years.

The socialization process usually begins between 18 months and four years of age, so cats may become good friends now but drift apart over time.

As cats are in their natural environment, they bond when they feel comfortable, and humans cannot make them bond.

Similarly, bonded cats may have dominance-based relationships or an equal relationship with no dominant or submissive counterparts.

Kittens bond much more quickly than other animals, especially with their littermates, because they spend time together during pregnancy and as kittens in the nest.

Cats that haven’t grown up together take longer to bond, and some may never bond and will only coexist in a house.

How To Tell If Cats Are Bonded


Wondering if your cats are bonded? You can look for some of these signs.

Sleeping and Cuddling Together

When cats are sleeping, they are at their most vulnerable. As a result of this sensitive state, they are very picky about where and with whom they sleep.

It indicates that your cats are bonded when they snuggle up while napping. As a result, they appear comfortable in each other’s presence and feel safe around each other.

Rubbing Faces Or Bodies


Scent glands are located throughout the body, including on the face and paws. By rubbing together, cats exchange scents through these glands.

Familiarity and comfort are communicated by this exchange to the other cat. When your cats intertwine their tails, they are also exchanging scents.


Performing social grooming or allogrooming involves licking or cleaning one another. 

Bonding and affection are also displayed in this way, and cats do this often. Not only do cats groom each other, but they can also groom humans and other animals that they feel bonded to.

Do Neutered Male Cats Still Want To Mate?


Despite being neutered, male cats still display strong female attraction because they have high testosterone levels.

Even if it smells many females blocks away, he will be itching to leave home and find her. When he is not allowed to leave the house, he will instead hump anything he can reach, like a plush animal, a table leg, or a pillow.

Be sure to give your cat the attention, mental stimulation, and exercise he needs, and his need to hump may be reduced. Spend as much time as possible playing with your cat.

Identify a source of stress and take steps to reduce it. To reduce a neutered male’s desire to exert sexual dominance, various pharmacological treatments may be effective.

Before attempting to administer these medications, however, it’s a good idea to ensure that the neutering procedure was performed correctly on an offending male cat.

The treatment of aggressive male cats may require fluoxetine, but the treatment of female cats making use of androsterone, a pheromone emitted by male cats, is preferred.

The rear of a female cat can be sprayed with this pheromone every two to four days with the help of a little cloth. Due to the strong aroma of a tomcat, a male will turn away and not be interested in the female.

Does Neutering a Cat Make It Gay?


Cats that have been neutered do not become gay after they have been neutered. It simply helps reduce some behaviors associated with its desire to mate.

It also prevents the cat from reproducing. It does affect the cat’s hormones which can lead to behaviors towards cats of the same sex.

Since cats do not necessarily have any sexuality, this doesn’t mean the cat is gay. Cats exhibit these behaviors based on their instincts.

Your neutered cat may also be more likely to be drawn to any other cat after its surgery because it simply wants to bond and feel close to another animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats lick you?

Cats lick to show affection. Your cat might be feeling affectionate if it licks you.

Is it okay to trim a cat’s whiskers?

Don’t trim a cat’s whiskers. They use them to navigate and sense what is in their environment.

How should you not carry a cat?

Never let a cat’s legs dangle. They will feel unsafe and may start struggling in your arms.

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