Cavapoo Puppies In Georgia – Top 3 Breeders! (2024)


Cavapoos are friendly and happy dogs that are found in many households. Their easy-going personalities make them a preferred breed for families with children.

Cavapoos aren’t a high-energy breed, and they thrive in homes where they’ll receive lots of love and affection. Eager to please, the Cavapoo will be easier to train than some of the more difficult breeds.

If you’re looking to adopt a Cavapoo for your very own, it can be difficult to know where to start. How do you know if a breeder is trustworthy?

Read through this guide to find some of the best Cavapoo breeders in Georgia. Breeders listed here will agree that the health and safety of their dogs are the most important things.

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1. Ayers Pampered Pets


Ayers Pampered Pets truly cares about their dogs and puppies. This is what makes them stand out as one of the best Cavapoo breeders in Georgia.

They state that when the puppies are born, they immediately start receiving playtimes and human interactions. This ensures that the puppies have a great temperament.

The breeding parents go through extensive health checks before they produce puppies. The puppies at this facility receive lots of attention.

According to their website, “We work together as a family to keep our parents and pups healthy, happy, well-exercised, pre-spoiled, and pampered!”

If you adopt from Ayers Pampered Pets, you can expect your puppy to be healthy and happy. Each puppy will be fully up to date on its vaccinations, and deworming, and can be microchipped if you prefer.

You’ll receive tips and tricks for training your new puppy as well as a color and leash. Your puppy will also have a head start on potty training. You can set up appointments to visit the puppies at this facility.

Visiting the puppies is a great idea to see which you connect with before taking them home with you. This can ensure that the puppy is a fantastic fit for your home.

Read through the website for lots of pictures and even more information about this breeder. You can also apply for a puppy directly through the website. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

A good breeder will be happy to answer any questions you might have and make sure you’re as good of a fit for your puppy as it is for you.

Cavapoo Breeder Information:

2. Absolutely Elegant Kennels


Absolutely Elegant Kennels is another great Cavapoo breeder. While they do not only breed Cavapoos, they do also specialize in Cavapoos and Cavachons. Located north of Athens, GA this breeder is worth your time to look into.

They claim that their dogs are bred for temperament and health and “looks are a bonus.” Prioritizing the health of the dogs sets apart this breeder from many others.

This ensures the puppy you’ll take home with you has been bred for longevity and happiness. They are located on a 15-acre farm which gives them lots of opportunities to play with the dogs and gives them plenty of exercises.

When buying a puppy from this breeder, the puppy will be up to date with its vaccines, and deworming, and will have had several health checks from a vet. They can also be microchipped if that’s something you request.

If you visit the website, you can send the breeders an email with any questions you might have. There are also many pictures you can look through. You’ll be able to see some of the parent dogs and some of the previous litters.

Please reach out to this breeder if you’re interested to get more information or to have your questions answered.

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3. Georgia Dog Club


The Georgia Dog Club is another one of the best Cavapoo breeders in Georgia. According to their website, “it is our goal to provide the healthiest puppies and an unforgettable adoption experience.”

This makes this breeder stand out against others since they prioritize the health of their dogs. When adopting from this breeder, you can rest assured that they will be fully up to date on their vaccines.

You will also be given the correct dosages of dewormer to administer to your new puppy. They have a health guarantee that will cover genetic health issues as your puppy gets older.

This guarantee will also ensure that your puppy has a clean bill of health at the time of adoption.

When you visit their website, you can view many pictures of dogs that have been adopted previously. Each dog has its profile on the website which allows you to view and connect with the dogs before you meet them in person.

This is a great way to get a feel for the dogs and see which you like best. You can also read about some of the breeds they offer. Visit the “available puppies” page to scroll through and see some of the puppies they have available for adoption.

They also have staff available to answer questions about health concerns, adopting questions, and financing options. They have adoption specialists on hand to help to answer questions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

They want to help find the perfect puppy for you and your family.

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How To Choose a Cavapoo In Georgia?


Choosing a breeder can be hard. There are many different options available to you and it can be difficult to know who you can trust and who will take good care of their dogs rather than prioritizing looks or sales over the health of the dogs.

The breeders listed in this guide are some of the best Cavapoo breeders in Florida. This is because they breed their dogs while keeping the health, longevity, and temperament of their dogs are the forefront of the process.

This is the most important part of choosing a breeder. Cavapoos bred correctly should have a gentle and loving temperament and no genetic health issues at the time of adoption. Vet checks and vaccinations should be provided by the breeder you chose.

Some of the breeders listed here go the extra mile to provide your puppy with a head start on training and socialization. This can be a big help to you as a new puppy owner who already has many things to think about.

Socialization can be crucial to making sure your new puppy gets along with other members of your family, especially children. While Cavapoos do have great personalities, being socialized from a young age is still vital to their temperament.

More Information About Cavapoos In Georgia

Cavapoos are a great option for many families or people looking for a new furry friend. While your Cavapoo will love to play the occasional game of keep away or enjoy a new toy, you don’t need to worry about a vigorous exercise routine with this breed.

They will be happier curled up on the couch beside you. They are sweet and affectionate dog who is going to enjoy quality time with members of their new family.

This breed is often preferred by families with children since Cavapoos are very loving and affectionate dogs. They also will be one of the easier breeds to train. Being a loving and sensitive dog sets them up to be great therapy dogs as well as family pets.

Since they are a cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles, they will have a beautiful, soft, and wavy coat that does not shed.

This makes them a fantastic option for anyone with allergies to dog fur or who does not prefer to have dog hair around the house. Their coats can be many different colors like grey, black, apricot, ruby, and many others.

If you’re interested in having a specific color, reach out to some breeders to see if they have any Cavapoo puppies available with your preferred coat colors.

Conclusion For Best Cavapoo Breeders In Georgia


Finding the right breeder to adopt your new Cavapoo puppy from can be a challenge. In this guide, we went over some of the best Cavapoo breeders in Georgie. Several elements make these breeders stand out again others.

Breeding for longevity, health, and temperament are the most crucial things to look for when you’re picking a breeder.

Cavapoos have amazing personalities and can be the most loving and affectionate dogs around. Their gentleness makes them ideal for families and even children are sure to love a new Cavapoo puppy.

Sporting a soft, wavy coat that doesn’t shed, Cavapoo puppies make adorable additions to any family. When you’re looking to adopt or purchase a Cavapoo, be sure to research different breeders to make sure your puppy comes from a loving and safe background.

This will help to make sure your puppy has a great temperament and is a fun-loving dog.

Most importantly, enjoy your new Cavapoo puppy!

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