Can a Blue Heeler Kill a Coyote? Here’s the Best Answer! (2024)

A young Blue Heeler on full alert with mountains in the background.

Can a Blue Heeler kill a coyote? Blue Heelers, or Australian Cattle Dogs, are medium-sized dogs that were bred to be herders. They are very protective over their herds, and while they are not overly aggressive, they can kill a coyote if necessary to protect the animals they are guarding.

Blue Heelers, or Australian Cattle Dogs, are bred to be herding dogs. They are strong, fast, brave, and not likely to back down from a fight. They are very vocal and alert their owners anytime a stranger or another animal may be near.

Blue Heelers are very capable of defending a flock or herd from coyotes and will fight to the death if necessary. 

If you own a Blue Heeler and are curious about whether or not he or she could kill a coyote, read on to learn more. Be sure to stick around until the end for an amazing video of a Blue Heeler chasing off not one but two coyotes all by herself.

Blue Heeler and Coyotes – What To Understand

Blue Heelers and coyotes are natural enemies. Blue Heelers are bred to protect livestock from coyotes, and when the two encounter each other, they are likely to fight.

Blue Heelers are very brave and fierce and will fight and even kill a coyote if necessary.

Blue Heeler and Coyote Size Comparison

Blue Heelers and coyotes are very close in size. Both weigh about the same, averaging 50 pounds when fully grown.

Coyotes are slightly taller but more lanky than than Blue Heelers. Full-grown coyotes stand about 24 inches tall, while full-grown Blue Heelers stand about 20 inches tall. 

What Blue Heelers Were Bred For

Blue Heelers were bred to be herding dogs and protect livestock. They are very alert and are not afraid to be fierce or aggressive if they feel that they or their flock is threatened.

Blue Heelers see coyotes as their natural enemies. 

Blue Heeler Temperament

Blue Heelers have a friendly temperament and make great family pets. They are playful and energetic.

They are also very loyal and protective, and if they feel threatened, they will defend themselves and any people or animals they feel the need to protect. 

Blue Heeler Prey Drive

Blue Heelers have a high prey drive and the instinct to chase and catch anything that runs from them. If a coyote gets too close, they will chase them off.

Will a Blue Heeler Kill a Coyote?

Blue Heelers may chase after coyotes and attack them if they feel threatened by them or feel the need to protect livestock they are guarding.

They are more likely to bark and be vocal to scare them away. While a Blue Heeler may be capable of killing a coyote, most will only chase them off and will not fight them to the death.

An adult Blue Heeler barking while standing in the woods.

What Dog Breed Can Fight a Coyote?

If provoked, most dogs will fight a coyote to defend themselves or protect other animals. Large dog breeds are more likely to kill coyotes in a fight. Some examples include: 

Will Coyotes Attack Dogs?

Coyotes are very aggressive, especially during mating seasons. They have been known to attack dogs and even kill small dogs.

Coyotes hunt animals that are smaller than they are, and they have been known to attack small dogs and other pets. They are not likely to attack animals that pose a threat to them.

How Likely Is a Coyote To Attack a Dog?

While coyotes will fight dogs, they are not likely to attack. Coyotes prefer to sneak around and hunt animals that are smaller than they are.

While they may attack small dogs and livestock, they are easily intimidated and will generally not attack large dogs.

How Big of a Dog Will a Coyote Attack?

Coyotes will only attack dogs that are smaller than they are. Coyotes typically weigh less than 60 pounds, and they usually only attack dogs that weigh less than 50 pounds.

Coyotes usually hunt alone but have been known to hunt in small groups or families. They are more likely to attack if they know they have the upper hand and can win the fight. 

What Is the Best Dog To Keep Coyotes Away?

If you are looking for the best dog to protect your livestock or pets, you will want to choose a dog that is protective, strong, and brave.

One of the best breeds is the Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog. These dogs are loyal, brave, fast, and strong.

They will protect their herd or family, and while they are not particularly aggressive, they can be fierce enough to scare coyotes away.

Related Questions: 

Are Cattle Dogs Aggressive?

Cattle dogs are not aggressive toward people, but they can be aggressive toward animals or people that they see as a threat.

They are very loyal and protective and will defend their families or livestock.

Are Cattle Dogs Good Pets?

Cattle dogs make great pets. They are very loyal, friendly, and protective. Cattle dogs are often used to protect and herd livestock, but they also make great companions.

Because of their herding instinct, care in training will be necessary to prevent them from trying to herd small children.


Whether you are planning to get a Blue Heeler for a pet or need a working dog, it’s important to do your research on the breed, so you understand their care requirements and temperament.

Blue Heelers are loyal, fast, strong, and brave, and while they are very capable of defending livestock, they are also affectionate and gentle with humans.