Who’s a good boy!?  Who is??  You!!  

Oh, hi.  My name is Rich. I have a dog.  His name is Chachi.  He’s a Puggle/French Bulldog mix…we think.  His mom’s a Puggle and his dad is an international dog of mystery.  We adopted Mr. Chachi from The Last Resort Rescue.

Here’s me and the Chachster (he’s the furry white one):

Rich with Chachi

I’m married with 2 kiddos, Ethan who is 11 and Eva who is 7.  Here they are with Chachi:

Chachi with Ethan


Chachi with Eva

I was always wanting another dog.  We had a beautiful black labrador retriever named Trouble when I was a kid.  He actually ran away and ended up at my Grandmothers house, where he was visiting his buddy Lulu, my grandparents Wemeranner :)  

For my family though, I reasoned I should wait till the kids are a bit older.  When they were really small we did the whole hamster thing and the goldfish we won at a local fair thing. 

Did you know goldfish live.. like.. forever?  I did not.  I thought it was going to be a few months til flushing them.  It’s been 4 years now.  Also, goldfish are super dirty fish and get big.  10-gallon tanks, big filters, cleaning it all the time…  Yeah they don’t tell you these things when you win “free” fish. 

Anyway, back to dogs! 

When we first got Chachi, his name was Dizzy. 

Chachi-3 months old

We had a big debate on his name and my daughter Eva was really pushing hard for “Smores”.  She explained he had the same coloring of smores.  White marshmallow, tan graham crackers, and darker brown chocolate.  Pretty compelling actually.  But Chachi was my wife’s choice and I needed her to help with cleaning up dog poop so she got first-pick.

So we’ve been through the whole doggy research phase, the (ongoing) puppy phase, the what to feed them questions.  Chewing up his bed, yup.  Jumping up, yep.  Zoomies tearing around the back yard?  Oh yeah.  He loves that :)

The goal of this for me is to connect and share what we learn with other dog owners out there.  Answer common questions, find solutions to common problems, and just enjoy each other’s puppy stories! 

Join us, won’t you?

– Rich


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