Jamie with OliverHey, I’m Jamie. A that’s my four-legged sidekick and trusty shadow, Oliver. He’s a 1 y/o Australian Labradoodle. It’s not his best pic (mine either) but I’ll share some of the 1000s we have of him down below. Or you can check him out on Instagram (@sirolliedoodle) . He’s kinda famous.

We brought Oliver home from New Life Kennels in October of 2018. He quickly picked up the nicknames ‘Nudl’ (don’t ask me about that one)…’Doodle’, and ‘Furry Tornado’ (thank my mom for that one).

Here’s a pic from the weekend he came home:

Oliver Comes Home

Fun facts about Oliver

  • He greets visitors with a shoe or a toy rather than jumping them to death.
  • He has quarterly playdates with his brother, Bean.
  • He loves chasing squirrels and bunnies.
  • He gets homemade meals made for him (spoiled pup, I know).
  • He can be found keeping watch over the neighborhood perched on the back of the couch or laying/standing/sitting in the bay window.
  • He can’t let the hose turn on without getting a face full of water.
  • He loves to surf…the counters. 

Rich and I started this site to have a place we could share what we learned as we went through the process of finding and raising our pups. It’s become a true passion project. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together!

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